New Proviz LED360 Canopus & Vega Bike Light Set (front & rear)

Review: Proviz Bike light set

Priced at £59.99

Proviz the company that makes the great Reflect 360 Cycling Jacket range, have now added to their range with a set of bike lights.
The LED 360 Canopus and Vega bike light set which includes front and rear lights all in one box, and looking at the specification for these lights it seems Proviz have again thought out side the box.
As featured in 'The Independent's' Top Ten Best Bike Lights for late-night visibility

Canopus and Vega in the box,
 the Light instructions, rubber strap and the USB charging cord are to be found underneath.
Instruction sheet,
USB Cable, and rear light fitting strap on the underside of the packaging. 

Proviz LED 360 Canopus specifications:
The Canopus is the front light.
Samsung make the battery that is installed in this range of lights from Proviz, so you can be sure they will be reliable, as these are from the Premium Samsung Lithium-ion rechargeable range of batteries. 

The 360 has a Low Battery indicator on the top which is incorporated into the On/Off switch.

300 Lumens of power.

With 300 Lumens of light power from the Canopus, I must admit I thought I was reviewing the Sirus model which has 600 Lumens of power, due to the way the Canopus LED light projected, this light is very Bright!
Although it has a round lens, the LED's project an oblong beam pattern, very clever and well thought out.
There are four light settings which is easily changed by using the switch on the top front of the 360 Canopus.
The light settings are as follows
High Beam
Low Beam
There are three slots either side these will get you seen at road junctions and traffic lights etc.

Side Slots,
lets the light be seen from the sides.

The light body itself is made out of a range of materials including Aluminium, ABS (Thermoplastic Resin) along with PMMA (Acrylic) so it is strong and very light in weight, weighing in at 131g.
The Canopus comes with just one USB Charge lead, making it impossible to charge the front and rear lights at the same time. This is not a real problem, it just means you have to be organised when  recharging the lights.

USB Charge cover.

Open it up to reveal the charging point.

Plug in the cable and connect to your phone USB charger..

Fitting to your handle bars is straight forward.
The Canopus comes with a adjustable bracket, [Proviz have included two rubber strips to protect your bars from the bracket] to fit you just undo the clamp and pass it around the bars positioning it to the required angle, then insert the rubber strips top and bottom then clamp and adjust the tightness, if your using Carbon Fibre handle bars follow the guidelines for light fitting by your manufacture, making sure the clamp is in the right direction as the Canopus only fits one way.

Front Light Clamp.

Red Low Charge Indicator Light.

Front Mount in place. 

Canopus fitted onto the Front Mount.

Canopus on the handle bars.

Fits nicely on the bars.

Only problem was my Garmin got in the way of the side safety lights,
  maybe a different case with straight handle bars.

The Vega is the name of the rear light in the set.
This is a nice compact light weighing in at 31g.

On/Off switch.
This also comes with a very easy range of light settings.
Full beam
Flash mode
The switch is sited on the top, at the front of the Vega.
This rear light has a recharge point which is covered with a weather poof rubberised cover.
Both front and rear lights are waterproof to IPX4 rating [Protects from splashing water in any direction].

USB Charge Cover

The Vega has a neat looking 220 Degree wide angle projection, making it easier to be seen from the side.

Vega Rear Light.

The fitting of the Vega is very easy, it is supplied with a rubberised strap which you simply connect to the clips on the rear of the Vega, then loop it around your seat post, adjusting it to the required height securing it with clip onto the two remain clips.

Quick release fittment.

The Battery supplied with the Vega is also made by Samsung, it is a Lithium-ion and has a capacity of 180mAh, its run time is around the 6.5 hours.
The Vega is one of the Lightest and Smallest rear lights I've come across, its a measly 72 by 45 mm in size, and made out of ABS PMMA.

 Contact Details:

Amazon UK : Amazon Proviz Light set 

Thanks to Proviz for sharing these Lights

 My opinion of the Canopus and Vega lights.

What really surprised me was the power output and projection of the Canopus, it is rated as a 300 Lumens front light, but seems to put out more power than the 300 I think this is due to the clever Cree lens.
The overall weight of this light is amazing I have never picked up a light with a spec as good as this one that only weighs in at 131g!
I particularly like the simplicity of the switches just being able to quickly scroll through the light setting to get to the On and Off position.
Easy fit mount clamp
Although I found it a bit fiddly to remove the light from the front clamp at first, but I think this was due to the light being new, and will probably get easier the more I use the lights.
The slotted side light on one side was blocked by my Garmin on its mount, so this is something I will have to look at and adjust, you may need to check side visibility on you own bike if you have other things mounted to your handle bars and then adjust as necessary.
[Just make note to look at every now and again, on the front mount there is a small screw that holds the light clip, if this starts to get lose simply remove the clamp and tighten the small screw.]

My opinion on the rear light, the Vega what is there not to like, this is a super little light in weight 31g, easy to fit and will fit any seat post, even a "D" shaped one.
Easy on off.
Simple to charge up.
This light has a nice flash mode ideal when on a Night rides, or even for those of you who do the Dunwich dynamo.
These lights are fantastic for commuters who perhaps have a fold up bike as the are extremely light, and also very bright on the winter nights when travelling home from the station.
Safe for Epileptics.

 The innovation and simplicity of these lights have made Proviz the watch word in cycle accessories.

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