RubenaUK Gaadi Inner Tube Review

Rubena Gaadi inner tube review

The Gaadi from Rubena is a inner tube with two ends! 
"Why" you all may ask!
It was first designed for the electric bike market, the idea was to leave the wheel on the bike and just simply remove and replace the inner tube with the wheel still fixed to the bike! 
I have had this in my saddle bag for a while now, on the hope I could help out a fellow group rider who suffers from the dreaded puncture whilst out riding,  but unfortunately I beat him in getting a puncture my self, and this is how the review was born on the 
Rubena UK Gaadi Inner Tube! 

Lucky enough I had our local bike shop owner with me when this happened, so I asked David to give me his thoughts on the inner tube! 
David can be found behind the counter of his Lee Valley Cycles in The Stow Harlow 
A qualified bike mechanic. 

Not to  sure what he is thinking here! (This is David by the way)

The Gaddi out of the saddle bag!

Obviously the first thing I got David to do was to take the old inner tube out.

Wheel was refitted minus the inner tube, (After checking the tyre of course)

The Gaadi was blown up a bit to make it a bit more easy to handle.

The Rubena Gaadi being fitted to the wheel.

Valve is  just the same as any other tube, a Presta valve.

Once the valve was insrerted and the locking nut put in place, just a case of keep feeding the tube in to the tyre.

Easy does it being careful not to pinch the tube.

Keep feeding it in.

Solid ends.

Pop the tyre back on the rim.

On the first fitting David notice a dimple in the tyre, so he removed the tyre to take a look, everything was as it should be, both ends meeting up OK.

Tyre back on, no harder to fit than a ordinary tube.

Air Time!

"You Pump David" and I will look on!

With the tyre pumped up the dimple became more apparent!

Tyre off and tube out to see what was the reason for this.

With the tyre and Gaadi tube refitted David still had a problem with the dimple in the tyre where the two ends meet up!

Again another check.

Couldn't get rid of it!

Tyre is pumped up.

A sizable indent in the tyre.

My Verdict on the Gaadi from Rubena UK

After the Gaddi was fitted I took the bike for a litle ride around in a circle, all felt OK, But, after setting off I could feel a lump in the tyre, as though I was going over a bump, I asked David to take a ride and he felt it too,! 
To be honest with this review I can see what Rubena has tried to do to help out the electric bike rider, as removing a wheel can be a bit difficult, but I cant recommend this for the MTB rider or the leisure cyclist at the moment because of the bump I felt and dimple in the MTB tyre, David runs our local bike shop and is a fully qualified bike mechanic and even he was not impressed! 

So unless you have the need for this type of tube I would stick to your normal inner tubes for the moment. 

Thanks Matt for giving me the Gaadi to test out. 

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Thank You. Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Rubena UK

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  1. Thank you very much for this review. I don't have an eBike but I am interested in these tubes because it would be great not having to remove the wheel to fix a flat. This bump in the tire is weird - did it go away with riding? Has anyone else experienced this? I would like to try these but not if they're going to leave a bump in the tire.


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