Kinetic K1 Running Belt Review By SporteerUK

  Kinetic K1 Belt one size Review from SporteerUK 

Priced at £22.99 

For this review I thought I would pass it on to one of our group members to do the write up and review for the Kinetic K1 Running belt, so, in the words of Richard here is his oppionion and photos on the K1...

Over to you Richard...

Kinetic K1 Running Belt With iphone.

Review of the Sporteer waistband

I'm used to wearing a armband when running, so the idea of a
waistband is slightly unusual. My immediate thought was that
it may be too bulky and uncomfortable and
may move too much but this belt which features a combination
of foam mesh and elastic belt meant there was no movement
at all and it was very comfortable to wear whilst running.
The elastic band is fully adjustable so it can be as tight
or loose as your choose.
Adjustable fits all sizes.

The main reason for wearing a waist or armband is to carry
your phone, be that to listen to music, track your runs with
MapMyRide/Strava or to make sure you are contactable.
This made all of those possible. For music there is no hole for
the headphone lead so it fits between the two zips which works
The touch screen works perfectly through the plastic, handy for
changing tracks or responding to texts without removing the phone.

The pouch is large, big enough for the largest of smart-phones. I tested
with an iPhone 6 and there was plenty of extra space. It would
actually be nicer if they offered a slightly smaller size. I was worried
that with the space around the phone it may move around when
running but doesn't in practice it stayed in place just fine.
The clasp initially looked bulky and that it might dig into you but in
use I didn't notice it at all and it makes sure it never comes undone
In addition to the main compartment there are two smaller pouches
either side which can holds keys or coins, handy for keeping them
away from the phone so they won't scratch it. 

Side pouches for Keys Money Etc.

Being worn around the waist rather than your arm you do feel the
weight more but not enough to be an issue. It was very comfortable.
I found it is most suited for wearing across your back. It is too big to
wear along your side and I found I caught it with my arms. Across
your front would also be ok but I felt it more there.

My sports headphones have a short lead which works perfectly for an arm band.
For the waistband it did mean I had to use the extension lead and there was more
wire flapping around. A small issue probably specific to my headphones. One
benefit of the waist band is that it can also be used for cycling. When worn so
that the phone is across your back this works very well although with a small
pouch it is of limited use. Other than the phone it would only hold a couple of
energy gels, not much else.

It seems waterproof and although I didn’t put this to the test I have no reason
to doubt it is. The only gap is where the two zips join which you can make sure
is to the side so there is nowhere for water to enter. It’s also sealed from
your body so there is no risk of sweat entering the compartment.

To summarize this is a good alternative to an arm band, it can hold more such as
money or keys and is also suitable for larger phones whilst being very
comfortable to wear. Which people prefer may come down to a personal choice.

Touch screen window for full access to phone screen
Also compatible with other 5.5 inch screen smart phones
Adjustable, flexible belt (25-inch to 40-inch) for perfect fit
Light-weight and bounce-free
Interior sweat barrier and foam padding to protect your phone
Large interior pocket and two external pockets for carrying extra small items
Dual locking zippers eliminate annoying rattling during your workout and allow easy access to all earphone jack positions
Foam mesh backing for secure and comfortable fit

Thank you to Richard for this review on the Kinetic K1 Running belt from Sporteer UK.
The Quality of the Sporteer range is much higher than the other makes on the market, it is not until you start looking at other products that you realize the Sporteer range has been well designed with you in mind!

Well recommended.

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