Aura Life Belt Review

Aura Life Belt Review

No this is not a review from something we acquired from the boat show! but actually the term life belt in this case, [although not normally associated with cycling] is an incredible belt that will amaze you.  I would probably define it as a unconventional safety belt by a company called Aura. I personally had never heard of them, so I decided to find out who they are and where they are based. Aura are a company based in Hertfordshire and they are primarily into running and cycling.


 What is it? and what makes this belt so different then? 

The basics are very simple, it is a belt with an integrated light in it! Simple yes, but this one from Aura Cycle Solutions is a lot clever than just a belt with a light in it.

How does it work

The belt has a orange strip [you may choose a different colour] that incorporates a row of LED lights that illuminate the belt when switched on, you then have a choice of settings.
1. On
2. Fast Pulse
3. Slow Pulse
[this has a similar effect to those of the settings on a cars windscreen wipers]
The on off switch can be found on the webbing in the under the name "aura", just have a feel for the micro switch which can be easily found, and give it a press! 
The Aura can be fastened around your waist or diagonally across the chest by a nice sturdy clip fastener, adjustment is easy you just need to slide the strap adjuster through the webbing and adjust to fit.

Strap adjuster 

Clip fastener and the main control unit in the webbing (In Orange)

LED band on webbing

Great thing about the Aura is the visibility is all around.

Tough webbing
I dont think this will wear out or break in a hurry! 

 Uses for the Aura Life Belt

There are innumerable amount of ways you could use the Aura Life Belt, as we are a cycling review blog, it has to be out on your bike ride not only at night but at any time of the day. I found it not to be uncomfortable or intrusive and more importantly it didn't slip down or loosen off.  It would also be great for any joggers out there and I am sure as well for horse riders as it makes no noise, one could even be kept in the car for break downs, great idea for children even workers in warehouses, the list is endless! 

  Where to buy one

Below is the Aura Life Belt link to their main website, you will be able to find any information on all the other colours they do and it is also great to see that Aura offer a full 12 month warranty, so if your Aura product should fail, it is great to know you are covered. 
Contact with them for any questions or orders.

The colour of the Aura Life Belt we have on review is the Agent Orange.
other colours are 

Electric Blue
Shocking Pink
Acid Yellow
Agent Orange
Lime Green 

What Powers the Aura Life Belt 

2 x CR2032 batteries power the Aura Life Belt, readily available from most high street shops.
To replace the batteries is a simple process, simply unscrew a small screw found on the clip end of the belt and remove the cover, then change the batteries.
Battery life for the Aura Life Belt is approximately 70 hours use.


We found it no problem wearing it, and may even come in handy as a phone belt holder, the light can be seen from a good distance making it safe for drivers to spot you, it is easy to store, and can be folded and put into a bike bag for the next outing.
I simply can not find anything bad to say about the Aura Life Belt!

Price for the Aura Life Belt on their website is £22.99 including  Postage and packing

The Great news here for all you readers, we can get you a discount all you need to do is mention Harlow Cycling Page Group, and the discount will bring the belt down to £19.50.

Find Aura on Twitter 


Facebook page 

Google+ link 


A Quick video of the Aura Life Belt 


 Other Stokist



Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews, I hope it makes it a lot easier to choose cycling products that suit you.

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Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for aura

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