Review on Draper Bicycle Kit Bag

With Christmas on the horizon we thought,  time to do a few reviews on Christmas stocking fillers!

                                                   Bicycle  Tool Kit from Draper Tools

This is a nicely set out gift set, with the added promise of a Storage pouch, flip the packet over and there it is, neatly placed on the rear of the package. We thought this was a nice touch by the lads and lasses from Draper Tools,  you can clearly see everything that will fit in to the pouch.

Above is a picture of  the pouch, this is a nice compact design with good quality Velcro straps,  the zip feels of a good quality too, and there are elasticated straps which hold the tyre leavers and multi tool in place, along with the puncture repair kit.

                                                   Room for the Bike pump in there as well
              Various sizes of Allan Keys ranging from 2 to 8 mm, so will fit most types of bikes   
                                10, 15mm spanner and 8, 9, 10, 15 socket set in there as well!
                                         Multi Tool folded up nice and compact
                                                          Sockets 8,9, and 10mm sockets

                                                Puncture repair kit, with glue patches etc

                                            Pair of tyre leavers, well made and have a solid feel to them

                                       Hopefully you won't need theses, but handy just in case you do!
                    Bike pump, handy just in case you need to fix that flat tyre, or someone else's.

This has to be one for Santa's list.
Ideal for a Christmas Stocking Filler, it has everything for the young cyclist stating out on his first bike, or the more experienced rider who just needs something small and compact, the tools are well thought out and fit snugly into the accompanying pouch, without flapping about like some tool sets.

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  1. Nice little kit, I have found that finding a multitool that fits the needs of a particular bike is most important. For example the Park MTB-3 Rescue Tool is excellent for vintage bikes and the Park MTB-3.2 for modern bikes with disc brakes. Here's my review of some that I own.

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