Muc-Off Bio Drivetrain Cleaner Review

Review of Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner for bike chains

 As it is now coming up to the end of October and the wet dark days are drawing in, the group have been out on a few rides the bikes and all have had to have a good clean up afterwards,  several people have asked me "How do I clean the chain and cassette on my bike?" so I thought what a great idea for a review!

so this is how the MUC-OFF Drivetrain cleaner review was born.

Muc-off comes in a spray bottle, but if you have a chain cleaner it can be poured in to the chemical holder, if you use a chain drive holder make sure to wash it out after.

I found the instructions were printed in a small print that could not be read easily, and I wear reading glasses, I also found it hard to read on the side of the bottle, again it was very small print, but there is plenty of information on there website, on how to use of the drivetrain cleaner, and a great youtube video!

                                                                       Spray nozzle

It is very easy to use,  I used the 250ml size cleaner which was supplied with a trigger spray, and so it was just a case of removing the screw top and replacing it with the trigger spray. This had a safety On/ Off position and at first I had a bit of trouble working it out! I know it was a simple either On or Off, but it took me a while! once I had worked  it out though, it was a case of just sliding the leaver to the On position.

The bike was placed into the bike stand, and then I sprayed a thin film onto the chain, the cassette, the chain rings, and dérailleurs.
Leave it for 2 min's to get to work, and then give the hard to reach areas a scrub with a brush or cassette brush, I found the cassette brush just didn't reach deep enough down between the cogs, so I use the old shoelace trick to get in between the cogs.
                                                                The Shoelace method

Once all the chain and dérailleurs cassette are covered and brushed, simply wash it down with clean water to remove all the debris, and then dry spaying with a well known water repellent spray.

Muc-off also sent us a bit of this to try!

What is it!

It's Chain Lube
With added nano ceramic particles and synthetic polymers.
Makes sense?
It's a bit special, after all if Team Sky use it, then it should be good!

How to use.

Clean and dry the chain then apply C3 Ceramic lube to inside chain link whilst spinning your pedals in reverse, then wipe away any excess C3 Lube with a cloth.

After that all you have to do is to get out there and ride!

There is some great in depth information and videos on Muc-Off shop website

One thing I did like was the write up on the Muc-Off website regarding the C3 is as follows, (borrowed from their website I will ask for permission to use)

"C3 Dry Ceramic Chain Lube maximises your power output by reducing metal to metal contact to a ground breaking, low level and provides up to 10 times the performance of conventional chain oils and lubes"

Well here it is Keith [one of the people who asked me how do you clean a chain]  a review on the great Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner that has to the easiest to use, and a look to the future with the C3 Ceramic lube that is one of the greenest things we have ever put on a chain!

When needing a hand to do a professional job I asked the man from the local bike shop, so off I set to see Dave at our local cycle shop in Harlow, his details can be found here.

He is open 6  days a week, and a couple of hours on a Sunday morning for small repairs or spares 7am to 9am, (so if you plan a ride out, and in need of a inner tube, or anything, look him up)

Face Book page is here

Have a look at the Youtube video we did on the Drivetrain cleaning, and you will see it really brings out the best in the Muc-Off Drivetrain cleaner, it brought all the cogs and chain up like new, in fact I had forgotten what the original chain colour was! 

Here is a video of Dave from Lee Valley Cycles cleaning the bike using Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner

Thank you to Dave and Muc-Off

Link here for Muc-Off Drivetrain Cleaner

As used by the Team Sky Cycle race group!

UPDATE 25/10/2015.

It has been a while since I cleaned the chain! 
The weather has not been too good lately rain wise! 
My chain was black as anything and I decided to have a go at the Drive Train Cleaner my self, after all it cant be that hard can it! 
I'm about to find out.

 The Spray bottle has not lasted long! 
The trigger seems to have a problem and I cant seem to be able to make  the trigger pump, it does not return, so I ended up using a spare sprayer from indoors that was empty! 
Feel the spray bottle could have a better design of a trigger! 

Black and Oily! Needs a clean!

Even the front was not much cleaner! 

I Simply followed the instruction on the side of the bottle.
Spray it on and leave for 2 minutes, then wash off, I used the old Muck-Off chain cleaner that was attached to a spray can to get in deeper.

This little device works a treat! Only problem is you have to hold it in your hand as your spinning the chain! But it does the job!

Clean off with clean water.

Look at the results!

The Muck-Off Drive Train Cleaner works a treat!

I had to pick out a few heavy bits of oil.

I am no profesional bike mecanic but if I can get this chain this clean then so can you!

Still a great product that Muck-Off have produced, shame about my bottle not working on the spayer any more, but all in all what a difference it makes!

Don't forget to lube up after wards though.

Foot Note: This is not a Paid for Advert by Muck-Off

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