Raleigh Tyre Leavers

Every cyclist needs a set of tyre leavers in there kit bag, there are some cheap and nasty ones out there, and there are some good quality ones, a name that jumped out at us was the famous bike name of Raleigh Bikes UK


There tyre leaver's have a great description on them, and that is "Made In England" ! I liked that, nice to see the name of Raleigh  from Nottingham still in the Game!

                                                    A Set of Three tyre leavers
                                                             Nice packet
                  The three leavers with a interconnecting slot to hold them all in place
                                           Nice soft slot to hold to the spokes
                    Smooth rounded corners to prevent damage to your wheels and tyres

 Cheap set just broke under presure on a hard side wall bike tyre

There are Tyre Levers, and there are tyre levers! 
The Raleigh Tyre Levers stood up to the test, the other cheap set just gave up at the Tip!

Make sure the Tyre Levers you have are a Good quality set.

Ideal Xmas Stocking Filler for any age.

See your local bike shop.

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