Duck Smart Mud Slider How to Clean your bike!

Hello, this is just a collection of videos in the series on how to clean your bike with Duck Smart Mud Slider.

Here you will find the links to the Harlow Cycling Page Group Youtube channel, please share and subscribe, even leave a comment here or on Youtube.

This is what it says on there web site.

Mud Slider gives your bike a protective coating which is non-slip, and reduces the build up of mud, dirt and grime on your bike during your ride.  After riding cleaning is made much easier, and reduces the amount of water you use. Mud Slider can cope with high temperatures, which makes it the perfect protection for engines and exhaust pipes, keeping them looking sharp, and clean just the way you want them.

Mud Slider can be used on your whole bike, and is the perfect buddy to Duck Smart Earth Mover.  So after cleaning your bike with Earth Mover give your bike the all over treatment and it will look like brand new as well as be ready to take on another muddy day!


Video number One 


Video number Two 


Video number Three 


Video number Four 


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