Flaer Bike Cleaner Review.

Two products on review first is the Revive High Performance cleaner, And also Flaer Guard Protector Spray..

Revive and Guard.

This review blog is About a bike cleaner from a company called Flaer, you will find on Flaer’s website they give you a little bit of information about the company, so take a look at the "About us" page on there website. http://flaer.com/about-us/ 
Flaer do a chain lubricating system to give you more gain on the road, up to 12 Watts they say and also a system for off the road bike as well, so take a look at the website, some impressive chain improvement kit on there.
The guys at Flaer have a great Blog at http://flaer.com/bike-place-london-bike-show/

Now on with the review of the Flaer Revive and Guard, both products are safe to use on any type of paint you may have on your bike, its formulated to be safe on Carbon, Aluminium,Steal, Titanium and more.


I found using the Flaer Revive one of the easiest bike cleaners I’ve ever used, instructions are simple.

Muddy bike after a ride out. 

Derailleur look pretty clean considering the kind of ride  I Went out on. 

Caked in Mud!

Trigger Sprayer of the Flear Revival feels like it is a well designed and made, it felt good to use, so easy to pull the trigger and spray!.

Revive bike cleaner. 

Flaer say on the label the “Revive is a high performance bike cleaner”, and once I was into the process of cleaning the bike it’s obvious why they say that, I chose to clean a small test patch first before setting about my frame and wheels to clean, I was glad to say the test proved a success, and I carried on, instructions as per rear label “simply rotate nozzle to the on position then pull the trigger” applying directly to the area to be cleaned and leave up to 5 minutes, rinsing off with clean water, for the stubborn areas use a brush or cloth before rinsing...
That was the plan, I was ok up to the point of  “leave on for up to 5 minutes”, and as you can guess, I got side tracked with doing something else, by the time I realise what the time was, parts of the bike frame and wheels had dried to a streaky finish, all my own fault, as I was cleaning the bike in the garden and enjoying the sun, (Yes, we do have Sun down South!) Anyway, I had no need to panic, when I’m cleaning my bike I do not use a Pressure washer or garden house,  I simply use a hand pressure sprayer,  I find it’s easy to simply fill With water and pump the handle and Point to where you need it, and spray, take a look at the @Silvertools website, https://www.silverlinetools.com Hand Sprayer   perfect control to wet down the Bike, for the stubborn parts I used a sponge to Clean off the stubborn bits on the bike, with a bit of rubbing, the dirt is off, once dirt removed I Simply spray with clean water and then dry and Polish with a cloth, I dry the wheels and frame using a cloth, I found the Revive bought the wheels and tyres up like a New Look, they looked amazing, had a nice feel to the tyres as well.

Revive sprayed on, just wait for 5 Minutes.
Flaer Revive cleaned and dried. 

Super Clean.
Flaer Guard Review.

On completion of the bike clean it was time to use the Revive Guard, it does what the description says, it “Guards” your frame and wheels, once your finished cleaning and polishing your pride and joy, it’s time to protect the Bike with the Flear Guard for the next ride, instructions was the usual “Open nozzle and squeeze the trigger” to spay where needed, but personally I thought it was going to be a bit wasteful, and apart from going everywhere so I decided to use a Ora Kitchen towel, (brilliant towels) Ora Kitchen Towle you can of course use a microfibre cloth just as good..
The way I used the Flear Guard was very simply spraying on to the Ora and wipe the wheels and tyres including the frame and front forks in fact the whole bike was treated, finish result was a “As Good As New Look” on my tyres wheels frame, really impressive, the way the Guard works it leaves a coating so when it’s cleaned after the ride next time it’s even easier to get clean... I love it.

I used the Revive on the edge of the garden table I have, mainly because I passed the table with Flear Revive in hand and a cloth, so did a test patch, was impressed with the outcome and I ended up doing the whole table frame!, it looks nice, it’s a table that has been outside for around 25  Years!

Table cleaned out in the rain.

Still has. A shine to. The frame.

My Verdict on Flaer Revive Bike Cleaner.
On  the cleaning Of my bike which was caked in mud after a long ride, I found it to be one of the easiest products to use, even in the midday sun, had no problems with Guard drying once I was using it, the job Of cleaning was made into a pleasure to get the bike looking that clean in a short space of time, I never timed how long it had taken, maybe next time I will.
Great trigger design.

My Verdict on Flaer Guard protection.
Easy to use.
Great results.
Really impressed with the way Flaer Guard brought up my two year old tyres to a “as new look”.

I’ll give you all a update on the next bike clean as I feel it it will be a wet ride as I t’s raining outside!
Thanks for taking the time to read my blog, any questions please don’t hesitate to ask me here or on Twitter, my Facebook page or even in Harlow Cycle Group, I’ll be happy to answer your questions.

The Flaer range can be found at your nearest bike shop or get in touch. With the nice people at @Flaer and they can arrange a delivery for your bike shop.


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