Revolube Chain Lube Review.


Update: 10/09/2020

The latest news from me on Revolubes, I have applied more Revolubes chain lube to the chain, It did not need having any further lube added, but my thoughts were on the lines of “This is a Chain lube review” and I thought I had better apply some more as it’s the first time since it was first applied. 

I have just noticed the date is missing from the review on my first application, so I need to work out when I first applied the Revolubes, all I have done on this application is simply applied the lube to the chain and just wiped off any excess oil, I think the date of my first application was around the 17/06/2020 .

The rear jockey wheels did not need cleaning, they both looked clean enough to to me, what I did find very difficult to comprehend is the lack of maintenance I need to do on the chain, it feels really weird not having to re-lube every time I go out from a wet woods ride to a dry dusty ride, the chain is just forgotten about with the Revolubes, the Gear change up and down the cogs are smooth, on the Giant gravel bike all I need is a very light tap on the gear changer to make the shift of gears as smooth as silk..  
Cost wise, Revolubes works out far cheaper than anything I’ve used before, you apply it less, so it goes much further. 
Friction is Fiction with Revolubes.

Update. 12/09/2020
I reapplied some more of the Revolubes chain lube wiped off the excess and went for a ride, remember I have to wipe the chain after the ride, below photo is taken before I set out, and on the return before I wipe the excess lube off, so the ride I go on to day it should be super clear of any gunge build up, I’ll let you all know. 
I had to reapply the Revolubes because this is a chainlube review after all!
It did not need to be reapplied, I could have gone on for a longer time with no more added. 

Above photo was taken after I reapplied the Revolubes and went on a ride, this was before I have to remove the excess, once he excess is wiped off the next ride will be a “Ride and Forget” on the chain.. 

Updated: 14/09/2020
Another ride out across dusty tracks and trails. 
I wiped the Revolubes from the chain before I set off. 

Start of the ride to Furneux Pelham.

Finished photo, it’s looks clean, no dust apart from the centre holes Of the jockey wheel, and I’ve also just seen on Strava, some more PB’s, !

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Harlow cycle page has the great pleasure to bring you a review on Revolube Chain lube for your bike, looking at the Revolubes website on the section that says “About Us” it become apparent the company is just more than a “Just a Bike Lube” company! Take a quick look at there website here  On the link below, but do come back and carry on reading my review blog as there is so much more than I can tell you about the company here on this review blog, its “Mind Blowing” what else they do the world over, when I was first approached to do a review my first thought was “Another Chain Lube Review” that’s handy.... but this time I have come across something that on paper looks very technology minded.

Priced at £16.90 for a 50 ml bottle with a pipette. expensive you might think, but I’ll show you how it will save you money and time in the long run, how about a “Put On And Forget” chain lube, because that’s the easiest way to describe the Revolubes lube!

Revolube pipette.

Bottle of Revolube and the Pipette

I came across a great YouTube video on Revolubes YouTube Site showing and explaining about friction, it explains and shows how the Revolube works.

Revolube explained

The Revolube is a chain lube for any kind of conditions that you ride in from the dry ride to the wet ride, Revolube can handle the ride, it’s a Calcium Sulphate based lube and Revolube say its for moderate torque loaded chains up to 300Nn in wet or dry conditions, now I’m no superman, and doubt very Much if my peddling is any where near that kind of Torque!

Friction is fiction with Revolubes

Instruction sheet and thanks you card.

New bike chain, or keep the existing one on the bike was my first dilemma, I have a chain checker tool and I used this to do a quick check of  the chain for wear and on the chain checker it shows no sign of  stretch, so I have decided to keep it and clean it, as I’m sure a lot of my readers would do the same, bike chains range in price, so depending on how much you want to spend, and which system your running, the list can be be as long as your arm!
I will not get into the argument of “why waist money on oil, just buy a chain ever year”, so I will not, this review is about the Revolube chain lube...

After taking some time to get the chain to a level of cleaning required so the process of application can begin.
Application is easy with the Pipette in the lid, unscrew the lid, give the pipette a squeeze and apply a drop of Revolube to each link of the chain, if you have a connection link I recommend that you start one side and slowly work a drop to each link until all the way back round to the connection link,
on each link, it is designed to reduce wear and friction of your chain, it bonds chemically with the links on the chain forming a microscopic mono-molecular with a wet resistant coating. You will find all the technology on the Revolube website, turn the drivetrain while changing gears up and down the cogs a few times,

One thing I found when applying to my bike chain was the way it penetrated the links, it was as if the metal on the chain was soaking up the Revolube, it flowed around the links, and this was just on the one side of the chain application, which will mean less waist and drips over your bike frame, Some oil reviews I had done in the past made a mess of the frame when sprayed on, with the Revolubes your in control of the application making it a lot easier to use, and saving money as not having to use so much, as the Revolubes is spread and bonded onto your chain there will be less stretch, and your chain will last longer, two things we all seem to replace on our bikes, tyres and chains.

The first couple of rides (20-40 miles) would be a lapping period for your gears and chain with some Revolube’s excess coming out from the chain links, hence please keep wiping it for the first couple of rides.
Once the coating is established, what happens when mechanical energy is applied during operation, the lube would “dry off” leaving a glossy coating.
Above information on Revolubes website.

Above link is a article by Revolube on there chain lube, very informative read.......

Wet Lube, or Dry lube for the bike, That will depend on the time of year, and the kind of ride your Planning to go out on, with the Revolubes you will not need to worry and change lubes every time the weather decides to change.
Using normal oil will make your bike chain tacky and grit will attract dirt out on the ride, if it’s not cleaned off and reapplied every ride the oil will act as grinding paste to wear out your cogs and Jockey wheels, and chain making it a expensive mistake to make, how often do you see a build up of Black sludge on and around the jokey wheels, this is because the Oil has oxidised and will get thicker the more oil you add if not cleaned off completely after your ride, next time you get off your bike take a look at your socks, you will find traces of black oil on which means you’re chains not clean.

Wet lube
The downside is that the sticky nature of wet oil can attract dirt that, if left to build up, can work as a grinding paste to rapidly wear out components. It also oxidises and if left to build up ends up as thick black gunk. Using wet lube properly requires regular degreasing and cleaning of your drivetrain

Photo of my chain straight after a ride. 

The above photo was taken straight after a ride I was on, notice the shine on the edges and links, I was so surprised to see this, something that I have not seen on other Kind of lubes.

Low viscosity ensures outstanding penetration features, providing the lube to find its way to where it is needed most - inside the links, rather than just outside

Revolube Bike Chain Lube is a hydrocarbon complex, specifically formulated to help reduce wear and friction of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It bonds chemically with the metal component molecules, forming a microscopic, mono-molecular, wear resistant coating. This exclusive lubricating formula combines the extraordinary features of Calcium Sulphonate and Alkan Chloride components that meet Military and Industrial specification requirements

Droplet on the chain.

Easy to control the Revolubes.

Chain coated in Revolubes chain lube.

Less mess, and no waiste.

The first couple of rides (20-40 miles) would be a lapping period for your gears and chain with some Revolube’s excess coming out from the chain links, hence please keep wiping it for the first couple of rides.
Once the coating is established, what happens when mechanical energy is applied during operation, the lube would “dry off” leaving a glossy coating
Above is on the Revolubes website, explained what you need to do next ride on your bike...
Sorry to say it did not go that way for me! I’ll explain why..... 

I did manage a ride out on my bike, but totally forgot about the lube lapping in on the test and got carried away with a very hilly muddy ride! I was only planning on a short easy ride, mainly on cycle path and road to let the lube bond to the chain, with a wipe off excess lube on the journey now and again, but I ended going on a off road ride with mud and across fields etc, I actually cycled much further than I originally planed, so the easiest thing for me to do was start again with a clean chain!
Once home I gave the bike a clean with Revive bike cleaner


 On cleaning the bike one thing I did notice there was no gunge on the jockey wheels, (Take a quick look at the Flaer Revive review ) which really surprised me as the bike was in a bad state with loads of mud all over it. Well impressed and I had not even started the test!

Photo showing the jockey wheels, this was before I cleaned any excess lube off the chain.

Over the weekend I had the chance to get out and give the chain a chance to bed in and soak up the Revolubes chain lube, I must admit yet again when I stopped off at one of my favourite cycle cafes (Dores Kitchen at High Roding) and Russel the owner mentioned about a photo I posted up on Facebook of Revolubes lube on the chain that I remembered, I was supposed to give my chain a wipe to remove any excess lube that gets pushed out to the out side of the chain, as I remembered about it I simple gave the chain a quick wipe off  before getting on my way to cycle home, a wipe off is all that it took, later when I was home and checked the chain it had a look of being dry, Revolubes say this is not a lack of lubrication, a very good point, so no need to panic about wiping the lube all off the bike chain.

I have now done over the recommended miles to get the chain and Revolube to bond together, so from now on I’ll be keeping a eye on how well it is performing, both off and on road.

My Verdict.
So far it has saved on my cycling socks, especially my favourite Flow Yellow ones from Blackmore Apparel, as after the rides I find there is no black oil marks on my socks or legs, The Wife is “well impressed “.!
I found the Revolubes a easy lube to apply with the Pipette in the lid.
Chain looks cleaner, the jockey wheels so far have no build up of sludge, and the gears work smoothly, one thing that I have to be honest about, is with my gear change, I have no need to give the Sram Apex a hard push of the gear lever, it’s now a gentle tap, could it be coincidental that the drivetrain which comprises of a 40T chainring with a 11-42T cassette has just bedded in, too much coincidence, I’m convinced it has something to do with the Revolubes, on another chain lube I have done in the past, the gears seemed to get better, but with the Revolubes the change is really a lot smoother and easier on the fingers..

Fitted to my Giant Toughroad gravel bike  1×11 SRAM Apex 1 HRD drivetrain combines a 40T chainring with an 11-42T cassette as standard.

Update... 16/06/2020.
I had the chance to get out on another ride, heading up to Matching Green, all road this ride, so no mud or fields, below is a photo of the chain before the ride, I gave it a wipe but not much black on the paper towel, so I think it is more or less as the Revolubes chain lube should be on the excess lube.
Clean chain. Before a ride.

Sprocket looking clean as well.
On the ride to Matching Green along Harlow Common I could see very dark clouds ahead in the distance, I knew a down pour was going to happen, just a case of when!
As we carried on further into the ride the road by Morton Laver Church was completely wet, that heavy cloud and thunder we could hear earlier obviously decided to chuck it down in front of us, as the water was just on the road forming puddles but we were dry so far, how long it will last for had no idea, the wind was picking up as we made it to Matching Green, still dry apart from the odd splash of the puddles, it was here we decided to make the loop,back to Harlow vie Church Gate Street and head home from there, all in all a nice ride out of around 16 miles, enough to bed the Revolubes chain Lube in more.

On my return I checked out the chain and jockey wheels paying close attention to any dirt or excess chain lube, I found the chain was shinning again!

Jockey wheel after the wet ride, not a spec of grime dirt, or  gunge. 

Rear sprocket, same as the jockey wheel, not anything binding in the  sprocket. 

Same on this bike as well, all clean!

Clean! I can see now how the “Friction Is Fiction “ caption came about, both chains are spotless!

More Updates to come, I’ll keep you informed, but it’s looking like a very special chain lube to be honest, I’ll know more when the next ride happens, as the next few days it is forecasting rain for the South East of England.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review blog, it’s all done for free, I do not charge so if a product is not right then I say so, and with the Revolubes I don’t think I’ll be saying anything like that, as I’m impressed with the results so far...

Keep in touch and thank you.

Revolubes website can be found here.

Facebook  Feed :

YouTube Feed :

Dores Kitchen Facebook Feed :

A big thank you to Revolubes for letting me review there chain lube, looking forward to seeing how well it performs and how often I will need to reapply.

Keep a eye out for blog updates.

Thank you also to Russel at Doors Kitchen for the little reminder on the clean chain.

UPDATE 22/06/2020

I went for a ride along the towpath from Harlow to Stansted Abbott’s looping round to Roydon on the main road and  then back along the towpath to Harlow, the weather has been dry, I managed to find two puddles to cycle through, at the start of the ride did not wipe the chain or apply any lube to the chain before going out, photos are from the finish of the ride, the chain looks completely dry, but as I felt the chain, It still felt like it has plenty of lube on it, but just does not look like it has apart from the shine!

A piece of straw caught up on the wheel, just one of those things.
Considering the ride, I was surprised there was no heavy sludge there on the wheel, yet agin I forgot to give the chain a quick wipe  before I set off on the ride!

Have not checked my Strava yet, but this ride today felt less of a struggle, and a lot easier, . I’m just saying that is how it felt!

Update 23/06/2020

Today I planned to go to Stansted vie towpath from Harlow, passing Harlow Mill, Sawbridgeworth, Bhishops Stortford, then picking up part of the Flitch Way around to Start Hill and on to Stansted, conditions on the Towpath a typical bumpy ride with plenty of lose gravel in places, the weeds at the side of the path had been freshly cut and striped, a round trip of over 32 miles, when I started the ride I remembered to give the chain a wipe this time, the photo below is taken as soon as I got home from the ride I have not cleaned or touched the chain sprockets or jockey wheels, I think the photo speaks for it self.. 

Tomorrow I will give the bike a clean, and look closer at the chain and sprockets..

Update 24/06/2020.
Would you believe It, I cleaned the bike and forgot to take a photo of the chain and running gear!
But as you can guess it was in pretty good condition on a close inspection, I do apologise for not updating you all, I will try to work out how I will know when to lube the chain next, as I have done nothing like the 400 to 500 miles needed before the next lube up, so as the chain is spotless and the wheels have no gunk or real build up, I gues leav it as it is...

More soon.

Update 26/06/2020

Weather forecast for today’s ride will be a Wet one, so I’ll look forward to that, I will be giving the chain a quick wipe, (and if I remember a photo) before I set off, to try to compare the condition on the end of the ride, so I’ll be packing a Mack..
As it turned out I need not have bothered, rain stopped by the time I was ready to set off and most of the roads were dry, I just found two puddles to cycle through all day!

41.51 Miles was the total on today’s ride, from Harlow in Essex United Kingdom, I and a friend (Mark) Set off to Matching Green, we stopped off at a Farm Shop for a quick coffee, then headed on to Hatfield  Broad Oak, and along to Takely, Then on to Stansted Airport, (very quiet) we carried on to Hatfield Heath for another coffee stop before heading home to Harlow, most enjoyable ride, no rain, small breeze, and to top it all I noticed 3 sections of PB on Strava again!
At the end of the ride I took some photos of the jockey wheels sprockets and front chain wheel, Mark was there, so I asked him if I could take a couple of photos of his chain, so thank you Mark, I was amazed, I really was, if I had not been on the bike for 41 miles and someone showed me theses photos below, I would think that the chain had just been cleaned along with the jockey wheels and sprockets, take a look, it’s impressive, I don’t think my phone camera has done them justice, so I’ll upload a few of Marks photos for you all to compare..

Very clean. 

It’s as if  I had just started out, no dirt, dust, or anything, just clean chain.

Honest, this is after the ride, it’s not a before phot!


Dry, Clean.

Found one little wheat stem in between a sprocket.

It’s impressive Lubricant.

I love it, never had the chain this clean before, not even a spec of dirt built up.

Next few photos are of Marks bike, (With his permission of course)

Thank you Mark.
I’m beginning to wish I bought a new chain now, if I realised it will keep it looking this good, I might treat my self to a colour chain, see how well it keeps the colour, just a idea..

 As the days and weeks go on I’ll try to update on anything I can think of for you all,
So far I have only used four droplets on the chain so still plenty left, and I have not even done anywhere near the recommend re lube mileage yet!

Thank you Revolubes for letting me do this review, I must be honest and true, (as I like to be on my reviews) I thought this was just another run of the mill chain lube, but I was wrong, and I must apologise most sincerely for thinking that, the trouble that Revolubes has now is how to convince other people who have been using there normal oil, which gets black gunge and all the rest of what goes on.... It’s going to be a hard job convincing the guy who says “A Chain is cheaper than Revolubes”....
All I can say is, if you can stretch to a bottle, treat yourself to a new chain as well, because if your running high spec gearing, it will be a great benefit to you and your bike.

Thank you for sticking with me this far on my review blog, oh, I’ve also cheddar on the Strava Segments, and found I have gained a few Personal bests, coincidences I’m sure, or maybe not..

Update 28/06/2020

Sunday turned out to a breeze ride, plenty of full on wind in the face, today’s ride took me out to Stansted Abbott’s vie the towpath, I passed many cyclists out on the ride, so I was not the only one out enjoying the Sunday wind!

Above photo just after the Towpath ride, jockey wheels show no signs of sludge build up, I did not wipe the chain before I set of this morning, all in all I’m very happy with the way the Revolubes has been performing, Monday’s ride will be out to At Albans, I’m looking forward to that ride..

Thank you.

Update 3/07/2020

On the 29/06/2020 I went to St Albans for a ride out, it turned out to be a very windy day, I made it ok, went along the towpath and old railway lines, great ride out, I took photos of the jockey wheels today as I have been a bit busy to do it before now..

Not touched since I put the bike away.

Blown away, it’s as though it’s cleaning the chain!

Rear sprocket looks like it’s a new one, no dirt or dust on it, photos  does not do it justice. 

When you see the ride I was on and the conditions it would surprise you on how clean the chain gear is, I have to say hand on heart I Have not cleaned or touched the chain now for ages, it’s getting cleaner as well! I’m sure it is, gear change is still smooth, up and down, I’m beginning to wish now that I had replaced the chain with a new one, a colour chain would be a good one to test..

Verdict so far...

I’m converted, And I believe if you took the gamble you would be as well, it is a case of convincing you, but if your stuck in your old ways of oiling the chain, take a gamble, get the Revolubes chain lube, try it.. it’s not as expensive as you think, so far, I’ve only applied the Revolubes twice..

Check out the website..

If you do, let me know. Ok

Update: 16/07/2020

A towpath ride from Harlow Essex in the Uk to the next town Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire United Kingdom, the ride was along the towpath tjat follows the River Lea, right up to Bhisho-smStortford, weather was overcast, slight breeze, road surface mostly gravel lose stones etc with a compacted mud surface a bit further into the ride.
Route found here on my Komoot

The following photos are after the ride, not cleaned and then photographed, just off the bike, phone out and click click..

Clean chain, noticed the  bubbles on the side of the tyres from the Stans No More tubes  sealant, I’ll be finding out why this is happening, and will be updating my Stans review blog. 

I wonder how many of you think I’m making this up!
Believe me, this is straight after the ride!

No Grime.

The wheel tells it all, it’s dirty, now look at the jockey wheel, Clean.. and still has the Revolubes coating the chain. 

Just as good. 
Thank you for reading..
Feel free to leave feed back, would like to hear from you.

UPDATE 06/08/2020 


Thank you to Revolubes for passing this on, if you are reading this, you may well be tempted to try it, my advice... Do It! And don't forget the discount code.. 

Update: 16th August 2020

As to date, the chain has still not been reapplied, rides are getting a bit more on the wet side now.

Update 08/09/2020.

It’s been over a month now since I last gave you a update on the Revolubes chain lube, so what’s New then, well to be honest, Nothing, that’s it, I’ve done nothing to the chain, no more Revolubes applied, I’ve washed the bike a couple of time, have not paid any real attention to chain, it’s still giving me a quiet gear change, no noise coming from the drive train, when I’ve gone for a ride the rear jockey wheels stay clean. 

Went out on a muddy ride to Epping Forest, as you can see plenty of mud was gathered on the tread surface of the gravel bike tyre.

Very impressive the jockey wheels were clear of any kind of debris, and the chain was looking clean as well, considering the ride around the woods I’ve been on , it was very clean, nothing to wipe away, must be time to add some more soon, all I’ve used of the Revolubes is two applications so far, super savers that’s what the Revolubes is, at this rate it will last well into next year, where as if I was using other products I would need to keep cleaning and reapply, I’m wondering what does it take to convince you all, it way ahead of anything I’ve tested and reviewed before.. 

Hands up how many of you took up the offer of 20% off on the Revolubes website, are you now using the chain lube, how are you finding it, have you noticed any faster section on Starva, please let me know, would love to hear from you, chat me here, on Twitter, my fab group, or page.. Look forward to hearing what you have to say.. 

All the best. HCP.

UPDATE 20/09/2020 

The type of rides I’ve been going on, dry and dusty at the moment, but still no build up of slime on the chain.. 

Update 30/06/2021

Sorry folks, I have forgotten all about updating the review blog simply because I forgot all about the chain lube! So now that I have remembered here are a few photos of a gravel ride I have been on, I’ll try to work out the date that I applied the Revolubes chain lube, look at the photos, they do not do justice on just how muddy the bike is after the rides I’ve been on lately.. 

Chain not holding any dirt. 

Muddy ride out. 

Plenty of dirt and mud on the bottom bracket housing area. 

Caked in mud.

Proof is in the photo, not picked up any dirt or collecting of mud. 

Clean under the condition of a very muddy ride. 

Picked up reeds and long grass, I removed them by hand.

Still impressed with the Revolubes chain lube, it’s on, and I just forget all about it, none of this messing around with the dry and wet lubes..; 

Update 10/07/2021

I headed for a ride to Epping forest for a rest ride on a new set of gravel tires I have on review, the Goodyear Connector,  as it was obviously going to be a more of a MTB ride than a Gravel bike ride, I just thought I would share the photos of the day, for anyone who does not know what the conditions are like at Epping Forest, the so called mud is a fine silt gritty type of mud, very fine particles that get everywhere on the bike, luckily enough I had the gravel Huggers mudguards on the bike or my back would have been caked in mud! 

Bottom jockey wheel.

Top jockey wheel. 

After the ride I obviously cleaned the bike with Dirt Free bike cleaner, it brought it back to the nice and shinny look, 
The Connector gravel tires were really good throughout the ride, one section was a thick muddy swamp and going through it was madness, but it had to be done for the test of grip! Luckily enough I selected the right gearing and managed to get through to the other side without falling in the wet sticky mud! 
I know the Goodyear are not a MTB tire and made for mostly gravel, but this ride and the photos just go to prove that they can handle any ride I go on! 

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