Mudhugger Gravelhugger Mudguard

Mudhugger Gravelhugger Mudguard.
Priced at £25.00.
Now in stock and shipping.

Some of the available spare from Mudhugger
See website for details.

The kind guys at Mudhugger have sent over a front gravel bike mudguard to try out, very good of them, I’m sure it will come in real handy for the wet muddy rides that will be happening on a trail near me soon!.

Looking at the item it’s made along the same lines as the MTB guards from Mudhugger which does a great job at protecting you from the mud and splashes from the puddles on your ride, so what is new on this one I’m about to find out...

Priced at £25.00 the Gravelhugger comes with Nitrile O-rings 70mm will fit flat blade type front forks and 50mm for the traditional forks.

Front Gravelhugger 
Fitting of the Gravelhugger was straight forward, there is a video  on YouTube “How to fit a front Gravelhugger “
There are various ways you can fit the front Gravelhugger with the different size O-rings, they will do the trick depending on which ones you fit to the tabs on the inside of the Gravelhugger..

First thing I did was just offered up the Gravelhugger to the front forks to check for the clearance, and found there was plenty of room to fit the guard, Mudhugger have supplied some Helitape frame protection for the frame, so all that is needed is a quick measure on where to fit the Helitape, one thing I did like about the Helitape was the thickness of it, with the tape on your frame I feel there is enough thickness to last for years against any rubbing, which is what the tape is designed to do, “Protect Your Frame”.

Measure the Helitape to fit to your front fork and cut to size.

Peel off section of Helitape smoothing any air bubbles as you go, depending on shape of fork you may have to trim the ends to fit .

Helitape in place, now do the same to the other side.


Nice profile.

Under side showing tabs.

Find the right O-rings for your size of front fork, and simply hook in the tabs.

Mudhugger has thought about the single use of plastic and supplied  the Gravelhugger with reusable  O-rings .
With O-rings in place slip the Gravelhugger in the front forks and wrap the O-ring round the fork to hook on to the inner clip on the Gravelhugger.

If you find the O-ring too tight try other ways with the O-rings provided.

Nice and tight fitting.

Fitted, all secure and a nice solid feel.

Nice and secure.

Looks good, blends in well. 

Below photos of the Gravelhugger fitted to the Giant Toughroad Gravelbike.

Loads of clearance if you ride with a front bar bag
I found the clearance is enough, and did not get in the way of the cycling shoes as you turn a tight corner either. 

On a bumpy ride I did not need to adjust the Gravelhugger at any time, stayed where I had placed it. 

Makes the Giant Toughroad look natural.

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I would like to say a Big thank you to Mudhugger for sending this one over, its going to save a lot of cleaning..

Update: 16/07/2020
I must apologise to you all, I have found out that I have fitted the front Gravelhugger wrong, the clear tape was supposed to be used for the rear as it’s a thicker protective film, and the actual mudguard should be set at a lower position, so I simply have moved it down a touch closer to the tyre, a very simple thing to do, I found the Gravelhugger still have the protection in either place, so at the end of the day it could be down to choice, but I have followed Mudhugger’s advice and moved it, decided to leave the tape where it is, such a shame to waist it, besides will add some protection from scratches etc.
All in all a great front mudguard, so far it’s a fit and forget, plenty of protection from the mud on the trails and puddles..

Rear Gravelhugger coming soon.

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  1. Hi Peter, unfortunatley you used the wrong helitape. You have used the thicker tape supplied for the REAR GravelHugger, not the 2 thinner strips supplied with the FRONT GravelHugger. You only need to protect the inside of the forks where the GH can rub the forks. Also I would run the GH much closer to the tyre :) Cheers, J


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