ParkTool TL-4.2 Tyre Levers Joint winner 2015 Tyre Levers Challenge

 Joint Winner 2015 Tyre Levers Challenge.

Next on the Tyre Levers 2015 challenge is the TL-4.2 from ParkTool priced at £2.51 to £3.59

UK Supplier is Madison UK

 This one is a new addition from the ParkTool stables of cycling products, made from Super strong composite material, including two spoke hooks and a wide flat tip for the tight bead.

 The moment you pick this one up, you just know it is going to be a great lever! 

 Wide tip for the hardest of beads to break into, and super strong as well! 

 Twin spoke hooks that hold and work well.

 Tyre profile on the reverse helps to keep the TL 4.2 in the bead.

 Will not damage the rim. 

 No problem with road tyres or the harder 700x40cc tyre, the design of the TL 4.3 is top class.

 Easy to get under the tyre for the start of  removing of the tyre.

 Works a treat on the MTB tyre as well.

 Handy simple design for the Schrader valve to let the air out

 Works so well on the 700x40cc tyre,
notice the bead profile as well on the tip


1 : Ease of use. Simply magic! feels so right in your hand, the right size to get to good grip to move around the rim with, Spoke holder works well, the Schrader air removal tip works a treat, stackable to fit the seat bag. Points awarded 5

2 : Quality of manufacture. Everything about the TL 4.2 says quality. Points awarded 5

3 : Gentle on the rims with no scratch. Made from plastic, had no problem with scratching the rims. Points awarded 5
4 : Value for money. A set of two these will be the only levers you need in your bag! A great price. Points awarded 5

Total Score 20 out of a possible 20

Out on the Big Harlow Bike Ride

 First puncture for Scott.

 Out came the Parktool TL-4.2 Levers! 
No problem with the road bike wheels! 

Soon back up and riding!


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Parktool or UK Maddison

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