Pro Form "Tyre Tool" from Upgrade Bikes Review

This  tool is a really clever design from Pro Form, simply called the "Tyre Tool"!
Available from Up Grade Bikes  
Priced around the £9.99 mark.

I must admit at first sight I thought of this one  as being a "Gimmicky" as I had not come across it before, but it turns out to be a very clever tool.

Description, This has a Patent pending at the time of writing this article.
The Pro Form boast an "Easy On Off" tyre tool! even on the hardest tyres!

 Nice wide tip

 "Easy fit system" end.

Pro Form Tyre Tool Clasp.

The makers say that the "Easy-Fit System even the toughest and tightest of fits can be conquered, all at the side of the trail."

Pro Form Easy-Fit tip has the toughness to get into any tyre bead easily! 

This is the normal tip end,
gets into the bead easily and has the strength to go round the tyre.

Removal is as easy as anything I have tried in the test so far.

Replacement with the Pro Form tyre tool is  easy and makes light work of the job. 
Hold the Pro Form Tyre Tool in your hand and fit the rim groove onto a section of rim where the tyre is fitted.

Patented Rim Groove profile. 
Run this all the way around the rim and the tyre simply pops on! 
Very clever design! 

Tip gets in and under any bead easily.

Strong enough to go the full distance of the rim

The great thing about the Pro Form tyre tool is it can handle even the hardest tyres! 

Easy-Fit system.

Very tough Easy-Fit ProForm tyre tool.

 On MTB tyre this is where the Pro Form tyre tool shines!

 Place the clip on to the tyre to hold the tyre on the rim.

 Last few inches use the Clip to hold the tyre onto the rim.

 Fit the tyre tool into the rim and slide it clockwise around the rim to pop the tyre on to the rim.

 All done!
As easy as that!

 Simply remove the clip and pump up the tyre!

If you ride on the trails with a back pack then this is the tool for you, but if your a road cyclist then this is far too big for the seat bag! 
For great video take a look at the link below for more info on the Pro Form tyre tool.

 1 : Ease of use. Found this to be one of the easiest  tyre tools I have had the pleasure to use! Even hard to fit tyres were no problem, and even the MTB tyre, where one side of the tyre usually comes off the rim as you get to the end, this is no problem with the Clip and Easy-Fit system. Points awarded 5

2 : Quality of manufacture. Not too sure how long the Pro Form would last in a cycle maintenance shop, but I feel in the average cyclist kit bag a long time. Points awarded 4

3 : Gentle on the rims with no scratch. This will be gentle on any rim. Points awarded 5

4 : Value for money.  I think the price of around £9.99 is good value for such an amazing tool!      Points awarded 5

Total score 19 out of a possible 20.

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Pro Form

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