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Silicone Grips Review 

Black and Green.

I have been asked to review these Silicone Grips from Race Ware Direct, they are new to their range and not up on there website at the time of writing this, but do check it out as they maybe listed in the next few days.
Weight 50 Grams per grip.
Length 130mm. 
Soft Silicone.
 These are made in the UK and made of a silicone foam.

 I have fitted the Black pair to the 29er to see how I get on with them, as I am use to a solid rubber type grip and these made out of a Soft Silicone.

 Fitting is easy to do, simply remove the old grips and slightly wet down handle bars, then slide on to suit, the Race Ware grips come with an end stopper,  they were slightly too long for my Bontranger bar ends, but I have not cut the grips to size yet, as I want to try these on my other bikes.

 Once on I left them for a few days to tighten up on to bars, as this will help them stay in place and not slide around or move while out on a ride. 

Green Race Ware Silicon Grips fitted to a Kona MTB
Courtesy of Daniel Raven
This is his verdict on the Race Ware Silicon Green Grips.

Easy to put on with a bit of water I've just gone for a 6ish mile ride in woods tried with and with out full fingered gloves. With gloves on the feel is good they are comfy but feel really big and thick like motorbike grips. With no gloves amazingly grip and a  good feel but i did notice they feel hot after a few minutes direct to skin.
 Ease of install :10 out of 10 No gloves wet grip: 8 Gloved wet grip: 8.5 Feel: personal opinion 8 And they look good

My Verdict on the Race Ware Silicone Grips.

 I wore a pair of old Gel cycling gloves for the ride, at first I was not too keen on the feel of the smooth Silicone grips, as they felt a bit too smooth for my liking, but after 20 miles they seemed to bed in and get better, I did not find they made my hands sweaty and the grips seemed to get better the longer the ride went on! 
At the moment I have not cut the grips to size as I may try them on another bike or even pass them onto another rider to test out.
The Green set I have passed on to another cycling member in my group to review, as he will be using them in a Mud Sweat and Gears competition, so I am awaiting photos and feed back as I write this.
The Black pair look good, feel good, and do not move around like some grips after you fit them, as for the Green set not too sure how they will stand the test of time due to dirty hands etc, so hopefully I will find out and let you all know.

Priced  £13.95 inc UK Postage.

Check out Race Ware Direct for all kinds of cycling mounts for lights, Gamin's, and GoPro cameras, if you are in need of something special drop them a line they will be more than pleased to help. 

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Race Ware

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