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Rear View Mirror Review

MyKlops out of the packet.

MYKLOPS, sounds like something out of the Terminator films, well it’s something a lot less scary than the films, its a very nicely made Rear View Mirror for your wrist.....

"How can cycling be made safer" you hear that said a lot on social media by some of the big names in cycling, and one way is to have the ability to see behind you, well with the MyKlops you can!, simply remove from the packaging and strap it to your right wrist, (if your in the UK, or left wrist in other parts of the world) so it can be easily worn on either wrist and used with straight bars or drop bars, just adjust the Mirror and you will have the ability to see behind you out on the bike ride...... Simple......

What’s in the Box Part

The MyKlops comes in a neat see though reusable sleeve packet, so you could keep it safe when its not in use, has a nice display mount hook on the top of the packet, so you could keep it on a hook in your garage, shed, workshop, and ideal for the shop display systems used.
Once out of the carton its a simple case of strap it on your wrist. 

MyKlops on the wrist.

Adjustment is very easy, it has a fully adjustable soft type Nylon Composite strap with velco attachment, this makes it possible to fit the MyKlops on the out side of your cycling cloths on the cold rides, the strap can be easily removed from the main unit for a wash, MyKlops has a Multi position convex mirror with two extending arms, one on the mirror, and the other one from the main base unit, so its possible to get to any angle so on either straight handle bars or the drop down bars, so ideal for the casual rider, the commuter, or the serious rider, group lead rider, as the unit is fitted to your wrist it cuts down on vibration so your rear vision is always a clear view.
Weight wise, it does not feel that it is a heavy mirror, its made of light-weight Strong Acrylic, the mirrors acts as a lid, so it can be closed shut whilst still wearing it, this makes it possible to keep it on your wrist whilst out shopping, or at the coffee shop etc.


Drop down bars, note the cyclist behind me in the mirror.
Out on the road you can see the cars behind you before you can hear them.

You can see the bus waiting to get passed, note also the other cyclist behind me.

Neatly folds away when not in use.

Works well with drop bars.

My Verdict:

The Mylops is great way to make you feel safer on the rides, it a simple way to see what is behind you, its light, wearable with any kind of clothes, packs away neat, light weight, and great value. 
If you think its only for the cyclist out there think again, I passed two mobility scooter's out on the ride and they did not know I was behind them, so would be ideal for Mobility scooter users as well, how about the youngsters out on there two wheel scooters, lots of uses for the MyKlops Rear View Mirror.. Take yours to the check out today! (Could not resist that) 
MyKlops have some great videos on there website, so pop over and check them out. 
Christmas is soon upon us and would make a great stocking filler... 
For the eagle eyed readers out there to my blog, you have noticed that I have already done a review on the MyKlops in the past, well that was 2016 so a updated version has been sent to me for this review, thanks to Mark for the latest updated version of the MyKlops Rear View Mirror.

Looking for a way to stock the MyKlops then drop Mark a Email on:

To Oder a MyKlops go to the Shop from this link: 

Contact MyKlops.


MyKlops on Instagram.

MyKlops on Instagram

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