Epic Bleed Solution DIY Brake Bleed Kit for Sram Apex1 Brakes

Epic Brake Solutions Sram Apex 1 Brake Bleed DIY Kit

 My Gravel bike came fitted with a set of Sram Apex 1 brakes, which for some reason were not stopping the front wheel, they also felt soft and very spongy when I applied the front brake. So I decided to bleed the brakes hoping this would solve the problem, using the Epic Bleed Solution hydraulic brake bleed kit, I asked Alex the owner of Epic Bleed Solution if it was possible to do with the kit I already had, and he came back with a yes on the bike bleed, and the kit had everything needed to bleed the Sram Apex 1 brakes.

 First thing I did was to find a "How To Video" on YouTube, easy enough as there are loads out there, so I headed to the Sram site and found this Video...


After watching it several times I prepared to do the brake bleed!

First remove the wheel.
Remove the brakes and set aside safely.

Don't lose the small screw and guide pin.

Set aside the pads so they will not get contaminated by brake fluid.

Select the correct bleed adapters (One on the left).

I made a bleed block out of lolly pop sticks as when the kit was originally sent out to me, at this time it did not come with a bleed block in 2017 but Epic now supply one in the kit.

Select the correct tips, and fill the syringes as in the video, making sure no air is in the fluid.

Only 5,1 Dot fluid must be used on the Sram Apex 1 brakes.

Remove the bleed screw and place in a save spot.

Screw in the bleed adapter.

Wipe any fluid away. 

Brake lever end all ready to go.

On the brake caliber remove the grub screw and set aside safely.

All ready to go and start the bleed as per the video..
And it worked a treat, brakes worked as good as new.
Pay attention to the way you need to pressure the system as in the video.
Once I felt that the bleed was complete, I simply removed the bleed syringes and re screwed the bleed caps back in making sure all excess brake fluid was cleaned off everything, pads were replaced and the wheel back on.

Once finished a Good clean up was needed , so I used a old pill pot to drain any old fluid into that was in the pipes.
Clean out the syringe carefully so no cross contamination in case you need to use the syringe on another bike.


I should have made a "Before The Bleed Video" to show just how bad the brakes were.

Verdict on the Epic Bleed Solution Kit

Top Marks! This bleed kit will save you money and time on any problems you have, check it out on the Epic Bleed Solutions website, anything your not too sure about just get in touch with them, great advice and help.
Well worth having a try, if not book your bike into your LBS for a service, but think about this, I had problems with my front brakes, so if I booked the bike into the LBS for a front brake bleed it could have cost from  £18.00 upwards depending on the shop, so if you then needed to bleed the rear, that would be a extra cost, so a universal kit from Epic Bleed Solutions would pay for it self in no time at all,
£15.99 Epic Bleed Solutions Shimano Kit.

Epic Bleed Solution Have A Kit for every kind of bike brakes out there! 

Check out there website.

Link to the Bleed Kit.

Twitter Feed...    https://twitter.com/epicbleedkits

Email Alex on.. sales@epicbleedsolutions.com 

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