On Me Bike Lights Review.

Nice design box.

On Me
Bike light that are totally different, that is the way to describe the "On Me Bike Lights", I doubt whether you will see another set of bike lights like these from OnMe Light's and they work in a different way to how you are used to using bike light's.
"How" I can hear you all asking....
"Answer"... They simply "Light Up The Rider" whilst out on the bike... and if they are lighting up the rider, they will be making you more visible to other road users.

The OnMe light up the rider, makes you seen.

Priced at £20.00 including delivery for a front and rear light that is totally different... 

A simple rubber strap holds the OnMe bike light to your bike bars or seat post.
The way that OnMe describe there bike lights.
'Onme®' Lights provide an extremely effective way of lighting the rider making them more visible to other road users.

Whats in the Box: 

Two OnMe bike lights Front and Rear.
1 X USB Charge Lead.

To charge up the OnMe light simply remove the dust cap on the side of the light and insert the USB lead, then simply plug into your Laptop or phone charger, easy, when finished remove the cable, and close the dust cap, switch on and off you go... 


The OnMe bike lights are fitted more or less the same as a lot of other lights on the market, a rubber strap fits around the handle bars or seat post, so It would be suitable for most size bars and seat post out there, I had no problems with fitting, simply find a space on your bars, depending what you already have fitted, you may have to move thing's around, like your bell, or GPS cycling computer, place the front OnMe light in the desired position and feed the rubber strap down and around to fit on the hoop at the rear of the light.

Place the OnMe on top of the handle bars.

Bring the rubber strap up and place the end on the hoop.
Once in place simply screw the globe back on, if you have it right the "I Love Bike" should be facing forward, to turn it on press the "On Button" and simply keep pushing until you get to the setting you need. the OnMe does not have a memory setting, I didn't find this to be a problem.

Video of the OnMe front bike light setting.

Rear OnMe bike light fitting: 

Very easy to do, simply place the main light body around your seat post and secure, then screw the Globe back on, the only thing I had a problem with was the picture on the Globe, I just could not get it to sit straight so the picture of the "Man on the bike" was in an offset position, it would have been nice to have the rider upright. 

OnMe fitted to the seat post side view. 

Would have liked to have the "Bike Rider" in a straight position.

The one thing I do like about the front and rear OnMe bike lights is the fact they make you seen as stated on the OnMe website, "Onme®' Lights protect the cyclist by providing 360 degree visibility of the rider whilst also bathing the rider in a friendly warm light making them highly visible to all road users". 

Rear OnMe Bike light settings.

Safe Cycling with OnMe Lights.

Contact OnME Light's:

Website:        https://www.onmelights.com/ 
Email:           onmelights@outlook.com 

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