Pimp My Bike Direction Signal Indicator Cycling Gloves Review

Pimp My Bike Direction Signal Indicator Cycling Gloves Review £39.99

Pleased to share with you all a really fun pair of cycling gloves with a added twist of being a signal pair of gloves for cycling.....

They are from Pimp My Bike and available from Ebay from the link below,

Clear instruction booklet.

The idea is very simple, charge up the LSD light, attach it to the glove, and when you put your arm out to signal to turn right or left the light on the glove will flash as a indicator... and they work a treat.. Read on...


 The backhand of the gloves is made of Lycra, micro fibre material of the palm of the gloves and silicon padding on the palm and silicon on the base on the back.

Great quality packaging.

I really loved the USB cord, it looks and works like a zip, so you can recharge both signal lights together at the same time.. very neat touch.

All Zipped up! 

LED Unit, attache with a Velcro pad, stays in place, I had no problems with the unit falling off.

Simply Pull off to recharge, or whilst you have them washed.

Simple push button to operate.

Nice and neat stitching. 

Silicon padding on the palm.

Easy to follow instruction booklet.

Explanation on how the LSD units operate in the flash indicator mode.

Washing instructions.

12 Months Warranty 

Whats in the Box....

Both light can be charged up with just one USB cord supplied.

Nice centre button for the on off. 


More details are on the Ebay listing for the gloves.
I noticed on the Ebay site they are recommend for the winter, I had them out on a chilly cold ride and had to use a pair of liners to save my fingers from getting too cold, unfortunately I had to swap over to my regular winter gloves as my fingers were feeling the cold, that said, I do feel they will be a great add to safety rides.
The idea for the signal indicator is great, Ideal really for the flat bar cyclist out there, But, and I do say But as I ride a drop bar bike I found when my hands were on the hoods from the sides the LSD were still flashing. at first I thought they were not working, but I had another read and then understood more on why they were still flashing, so I ended up with lights flashing on the side of my bike! So I feel it is a much safer to have them on like this...

Glove Size:

I just got a size sent to me, so I've just reviewed the cycling glove sent to me, it was a large size, big enough to wear a glove liner underneath, so please do check on the right size, 

It says the following on the Ebay listing for the size guide:
The Adventurer X1  automatic LED indicating cycling gloves come in four sizes. Work out your size by measuring the width of the palm of your hand. These measurements are a guide:
·        M – 7.5 – 8.5 cms
·        L – 8.5 – 9.5 cms
·        XL – 9.5 – 10 cms
·        XXL – 10 – 11 cms

I had great fun trying theses out, things I do like are the easy on off Velcro patch, and also that super USB charge lead, like also the idea of having flashing lights on the side of the bike so I can be seen,


On the Ebay listing site they are up for the price of £39.99 which does sound expensive compared to ordinary cycling gloves, but remember the added safety feature of the Bright LSD Light as you put your arm out and signal your intention to pull over... 


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