Louri Frame Strap

Louri Frame Strap Review

UK Made.
Various Designs.
Easy fit.

More than just a Velcro strap.

Louri frame strap along side the Louri Saddle strap.
As you can see the Orange frame strap is longer than the incredible saddle strap, it is still designed and made along the same design criteria as the saddle strap, the frame strap is a very clever piece of kit for any road or mountain bike rider, once you have one of these on your frame it allows you to store items easy and secure on any kind of ride... ideal for the mountain bike with tight spaces for the water bottle etc.. even the E-Bike,

Take a look at the Louri frame strap fitting video on YouTube.


Easy fitted to your frame, it is worth pointing out that the Louri frame strap is not designed to fit around your seat post, hence the name"Frame Strap"..... 
The Louri Frame strap can hold a lot of item's like the inner tube's, bike pump, tools, and a lot more, I found it was great using it along with there Saddle Strap, (see my previous review https://harlowcyclingpage.blogspot.com/2018/11/louri-saddle-strap.html ) use the saddle strap to hold your inner tube, pump, tool etc, that will leave the frame strap free to carry what ever else you would like to take a long, its even gentle enough to hold your Banana!

Usual place for the Banana on the ride,

Add the Banana to the Louri frame strap, it will be held secure and easy to get at when needed.  

Add a bike lock for the ride and you can see the benefit of the Louri frame strap.

Banana after a ride.

I tried to pack away a cycling jacket as a test to see how well it would store and hold the jacket on the ride, and I am very glade to let you all know it stored and held the jacket in place very well on my bike ride.

turned out warm, no where to keep your jacket, I used to roll it up and tie it around my waist, not anymore with the Louri frame strap.

Jacket held in place, easy to store. 

Do you own a IBS (Independent Bike Shop) or want to be a distributor for the Louri range, simply drop them a line and help to #DitchThePack

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