Unilite HL-4R Helmet Mountable Usb Headlight Review

Unilite HL-4R Helmet Mountable Usb Headlight

Thank you to the kind folks at Unilite for the chance to do a review on  a Helmet Mountable USB Headlight, and as the dark nights are drawing in its a perfect time to do a review for you all. 

HL-4R Headlight.


Lumens 275.
Cree white LED's.
2 x Red 5mm LED's.
Built in 1800 mAh Lithium polymer rechargeable battery, micro USB charging.
Charge time 3 hours.
6.5 Hours run time on the brightest setting.
13 Hours on the middle setting.
77 Hours on the low setting.
170 Hours on the Red Led flash setting.
90 Hours in the S.O.S Setting.
45 Degree movable head.
Adjustable non slip silicone headband.
Water and dust resistant IPX5 standard.

Whats in the Box : 
One x HL-4R Helmet Mountable Headlight.
1 X Micro USB charge cord.
1 X 3M adhesive mount.
1 X Pouch.
1 X Instruction sheet.

Unilite have produced a neat light weight helmet head torch, easy to use, easy charge, and has a great range of light settings.. 

Operation:  On the top of the HL-4R You will see a black switch, simply give it a push, WARNING if you have this light in your hand point it away from your eyes before you turn it on, as it is a very bright light, and will blind you for a few seconds, 
Switch setting is very easy, High, Middle, and Low, with two Red led's that will flash and stay on, with a S.O.S mode as well, to make the Unilite change to the Red Led's press and hold the black button, you can then simply cycle through the Red settings.

On/Off switch.

Headband: The HL-4R come with a adjustable non slip silicone headband, the silicone used is very similar to the silicone on your cycling shorts around the legs, so should stay in place.
Helmet Fitting: Will be playing around with several cycle helmets with this light, there is a 3M adhesive mount supplied in the box, this is a nice touch, easy to fit, simply remove the head band. 
A Slit either side.

Position the edge of the strap in the gap and release the strap.

Same again on the other side to remove the head strap completely.

Before attaching the 3M adhesive pad make sure it is the right way up, the upper tabs pointing upwards on the helmet to be fixed to,
Charge light indicator, goes from Red to Green when fully charged.

USB Dust cover.

Remove the dust cover to expose the Mini Usb charge point, simply insert the cable and either plug into a PC or charger with a USB slot.

I Got a bit carried away and tried in on a hat.

Take a look at my unboxing of the Unilite HL-4R



Check this video out for the light setting.. 
275 Lumens of White Cree LED's


Priced at £39.99 
Torch Direct stock the light, and for a Head light with this spec I feel it is a good buy, time will tell, as I plan to use it a lot, so will be updating the review blog as soon as I can... 
The light has a multitude of uses, its coming up for Christmas, use it in the dark loft to get the Christmas tree down, your taking your dog for a walk, simply place it on your head, Angle the light to see the way, you have to get up for work in the morning on the early shift, place it on your head, switch it on and then lock the house and go off to work, see where you are to unlock the garage, on a Narrow boat, need to jump ashore, place on head, leaves your hands free to cling onto the side of the boat, if your a plumber, electrician, a building surveyor, a house assessment insurance man, you all need this light, it will come in handy I promise you.

If you want to see the full range of lights from Unilite check out there website.
Facebook Feed: https://www.facebook.com/uniliteUK/

Twitter Feed: https://twitter.com/Uniliteuk

Linkedin Feed: https://www.linkedin.com/company/uniliteuk

Instagram Feed:  https://www.instagram.com/uniliteuk/ 
Google + https://plus.google.com/115359454665683998099

As you can see they know how to network there product, I have spoken to them on Twiter and there replies are fast, any question, problems just simply give them a shout..

It's Not Just A Cycle Light.

Don't think just because I have a light on review on a cycling blog that the light is just a cycle light, the H-4R is more than that.... 

Its a ideal head torch if you are in the building trade, a Electrician for example... do you need to see the fuse board... 

How about a house surveyor, need more light to inspect the timbers.... 

                               Without the HL-4R turned on, dark place to check over..

With the HL-4R Turned on, much more light...

Plumbers, getting under the bath to look, ideal head torch.. 

One use I find for the HL-4R is when I leave the house in the early morning darkness, makes it easier to lock the house up and open the garage door... 

Keep the HL-4R in the car in its neat carry bag, ideal for a emergency on the side of the road, Red LED's remember for the full emergency don't forget... 


In the meantime check out the Unilite website or Twitter feed... 


Good Points: Great non slip headband, easy on/off, bright LED's, fast charge time, long battery life, pouch to keep it in when not in use, dust proof, water proof.

Bad Point's: Turns on at its brightest setting, could do with starting at the lowest setting.. and that is the only thing I could criticize about the HL-4R head torch.  

Using the HL-4R as a cycle helmet head torch

 To use as a cycle head light mounted to your cycle helmet, simply remove the headband and replace with a Velcro strap

 Pass the Velcro around the holding tabs on the rear of the HL-4R and pass it through the vents on the cycle helmet..

 Pass it through and tighten to the desired tension.

 The HL-4R has a tilt on the front so you can easily angle to the right sight line needed for the ride.

Works a treat, ideal to use with a handle bar mounted cycle light... 

Footnote: Just a mention on the 3M adhesive pad that comes with the HL-4R Head torch, I found it was not possible to fit this adhesive pad to a open vented cycling helmet, as the surface is not flat enough to stick the pad to, so the review has not been done on the 3M adhesive pad fixing, it would be ideal for a snow boarders or a skate boarders helmet, and also a builders hard hat....
I used a Velcro strap with a loop on the end to fit to the HL-4R and attach to the helmet..

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