Louri Saddle Strap


In the past I have done a few reviews on saddle bag's, all of them have been great products from various well named brands, but the Lori Saddle Strap is something a bit different. it is not a saddle bag, it is a Strap!

Quality is Louri.

Made in the United Kingdom. 

This review is on a Louri Saddle Strap, and I must admit I was very skeptical to its quality and use, I thought it was just a over sized length of Velcro strap, but I was wrong, very wrong, the detail that has gone into the design of the Louri Saddle Strap is amazing, the Louri Saddle Strap has two elastic cords this is designed to hold the innertube steady and secure while the strap is padded to the seat frame from getting scratched and any movement, so all secure.

Its made in the UK.

I usually carry in my saddle bag a set of tyre levers, spare innertube, and a multi tool kit and in my rear pocket a very small cycle pump, the reason its in my back pocket is simply because it will not fit in the saddle bag, so the pump could easily be left at home if I forget to place it in my pocket, so I need a check list before leaving the house for a ride.. If I'm wearing a cycling jacket and it starts to get warm out on the ride, I have nowhere to keep it so I simply remove it and roll it in a length and tie the arms around my waist, and keep on adjusting it every few miles, as I do not cycle with a back pack unless I am out all day.. Louri has a solution to this problem with there Frame Strap. (Review coming soon).

This review is on a Louri Saddle Strap that retails for around the £19.99 mark, but with the help of Google you can find it at a cheaper price, not that is is expensive at the retail price, this is one strap that screams "Quality" and as a bonus, it's "Made in England" !
The Louri Saddle Strap comes in various designs.

I first came about the Louri Saddle Strap on Linkedin, and my first thought was "It's just a over priced Velcro Strap" ! How wrong I was and have to eat "Humble Pie" and apologize for thinking this! The Saddle Strap is a well designed and manufactured piece of cycling kit, 


The good thing about the Louri Saddle strap is the easy way you can add items to the strap, 

Open the strap with the grippy patch facing up.

Place your tools and tyre levers around the stretchy strap and then place the rest of the items in the strap.

It should now look like this photo.

I simply placed the ends of the strap through the saddle and brought it around to the underneath of the saddle and back up through the loop and around!
Took me several attempts to get it in place, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy!
Best advice watch the Louri Fitting Video.. 

Once the strap is tightened it is secure. 

Looks nice and neat.
Mini Pump now added.

The Louri Saddle Strap sits under your seat to replace your saddle bag, I have tested it on the open road, cycled along the towpath, I have even gone out on a ride around the Epping Forest trails and I can tell you all the Louri strap did not need any kind of adjustment, or even to be moved in postilion, it stayed just where I had put it, and the contents were still there!

On one ride I was on it started to rain, this I thought was going to be the Louri Saddle Straps downfall, But I was wrong there, the bike was dirty and muddy, but to my amazement the strap was dry, and the contents were dry as well.


A very well designed and manufactured alternative to the saddle bag that will take all your items safe and secure, its just a case of trying to get across the usefulness of the Louri strap range, take a look at there website, it has fitting information and great youtube videos

Fitting Video:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ni0uTUX1BU

Are you a independent bike shop, take a look at the Cyclorise website for some great cycling products...

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Update; Just to let you all know the Louri saddle strap works fine on any mountain bikes with seat droppers, had no problems with using it.

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