New Wind-Blox Pro Wind noise Reducer

New Wind-Blox Pro Wind Noise Reducer.

"It's Just arrived a new version of the Wind-Blox Pro Wind Reducers".

What is In The Box: 

Fitting Instructions.
2 x Wind-Blox Pro.

The noise from the wind whilst out on the bike ride could get very annoying on a lovely ride out to your favorite cafe stop! 
The name Wind-Blox has been around for a few years now, 2012 was the time that Wind-Blox went live after all there testing of the first Wind Reducing product, since then new versions have come along, 2016 was the last time I had the pleasure to do a review on previous versions of the Wind-Blox, and to be honest I totally forgotten that I had a pair fitted to my cycling helmet already!

What is new with the new version of the Pro you may ask......

New inner strip added.

Reflective lettering.
Notice the profile of the edge.

As soon as I took them out of the box I noticed straight away the difference between the old and the new version.
The first thing that  I noticed was the profile on the out side padding which now has a raised middle section, and also the inner sleeve (Which is Pink in the photos) has now had a new anti-slip strip, this grips on to the cycle helmet strap, so now once fitted it will stay in place. (Not that I have ever had a problem with the previous model) as before the fitting is straight forward, the Pro version has been designed to fit cycle helmet with clip adjustment, size of the Pro model is 10 cm in length and 2 cm wide.


Ideal for cycle helmets with front strap 10cm in length, and for cycle helmets with front straps at least 4 inches long from the rim to the clip. the Wind-Blox get fitted to the front straps, I found it easier to lay the cycle helmet upside down, extend the strap, and place the Wind-Blox under neath the strap and close around the strap so the printing is on the out side, fit both sides, then you will find where the straps need to be adjusted, keep the neck strap tight if possible so the Wind-Blox is not to lose from your ears, and away you go.

Wrap around the strap and join together with the Velcro strip fixed to the Wind-Blox.

Fitted and in place, Note the profile.

Illuminated lettering.

All set for the test ride. 

How did I test the Wind-Blox.

I use a rear view mirror on my cycle helmet, link below,

I went for a ride along a road that would not have too many cars passing, open field either side, so the wind noise was all around as I was cycling, I found on the test that I could hear the cars a long way back before they were any where near me, so far they were very small in the rear mirror, but I could hear them easy, it was not because the vehicle that passed was a loud engine, it was driving at a normal speed, as this one passed me I waited for the next to approach from the rear, and again I could hear well before they were going to pass me, really surprised the sounds from the cars could be heard before I could see them.
I also tested the Wind-Blox Pro for chatting to other riders, this again I found the speech to be easier to distinguish, no need to keep shouting, very impressed.


Wind-Blox Pro makes the ride a lot safer, they let you hear sounds a lot more clear, they certainly reduce the wind noise to make the ride a lot more safer and enjoyable, as I am used to using the Wind-Blox noise reducer's, you may need to play around with the straps on your cycle helmet to get them in the best place, you will find a great benefit to using them, and eventually even forget that they are fitted to your cycle helmet....

Priced at £13.00 free postage from the Amazon site.

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