Crotch Guard


We have here  a Oil that has been developed for us poor cyclist that suffer from saddle sores!
Crotch guard has anti-bacterial properties that go to help unwanted bacterial growth whilst your doing lots of miles in the saddle, it will help to prevent the irritations down below and help put a stop to the saddle sores.
The difference in the Crotch Guard is the oil it absorbs completely into the skin resulting in a clean and natural area down below.

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Now for the good part! The test! 

What i have decided to do is give 4 members of my Cycling Page Group each a sample to let them test it out and pass me the results.
So bear with me on this one as it will take a few weeks to get the riders all set up for the longer ride, 2 will be male cyclists and 2 will be female cyclist's so watch out for the updates.


 Crotch Guard sample bottle, 1 fl oz price for the proper size is 4 oz bottle is $21.99 
Will have to work out the UK price at a later date.

 Comes with a nice spray nozzle.

 Bit of info on the rear of the bottle.

 If you ride you know! 

 Made in the USA.

 A Harlow Cycle Page members review on the Crotch Guard

From Female group member.

Have tried this on a couple of rides, a 40 mile first followed by a 60 mile ride.
Found the Crotch Guard to be very Oily, and as such found it did not soak in well, but by the end of the ride it did soak in and there was no chaffing or rubbing, smell was pleasant and washes off your hands with no problem with soap, will use it up but wont purchase.

5/10 Will use the bottle up but wont purchase as prefer the chamois cream.  

From a Mail group rider.

Right Crotch Guard. I found it easy to apply in many ways cleaner and easier than the cremes. It seems to absorb quickly and does not give that feeling of cold and damp like some cremes. One amazing attribute I found was using it afterwards. It felt good and seems to ease any issues with sore skin if you have any. I also used it on an old ingrowing hair on my leg that I've had for a year that has never quite healed. I used the oil directly on the spot once a day for 3 days and to my astonishment the wound I had had for one year has healed. All in all, a good alternative to cremes. I think I would have both and maybe switch between the two. If I was unlucky enough to get a saddle sore I'm sure the oil would work better as a healing agent than any of the top grade cremes. 

From a Female group rider.

Have used the Crutch Guard on long hard rides and have no sores  any where, will be leaving it off for the next long one to test the result.

From a Mail group rider.

The Wife has put it away some where and cant find it for the moment!
Hope p to give a Update as soon as the bottle is found!

                                  Want to find out more, take a look at there UK Distributor


Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Crutch Guard

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