ARO Belt. A Belt with a difference....

 ARO Belt.

Simply Safer.

Product Test Review on the Light belt by ARO

So what is an Aro belt?
 It is a very cleverly designed belt that fits around your waist or could be worn diagonally across the body, it has reflective strips and is adjustable to fit any size.  Oh and before I forget it the most important part is, that it has LED Light's that flash on one setting, and will stay on permanently on the other setting.
This can be recharged from your laptop or mobile phone charger.

The first thing I noticed was the Box it came in! 
It was massive! 

Aro Belt
1 x usb charge cable
Information card

  The Aro Belt has two adjustable straps that can be adjusted from 105cm to 127cm in length.

 Plastic buckle is nice and solid

Nice smooth design.

A really good design feature of this belt is the rechargeable battery,  you have up to 12 hours in fixed mode or 8 hours in the flash mode, so plenty of battery life for those long distance rides.
On the bottom of the battery box you will find a little flap, lift this and there you will find the usb connection, insert the supplied cable and plug into your PC.

Once connected to the PC a Red light will come on by the side of the cable to let you know it is charging.

 Once charged up the ARO Red light turns to Green, so simply unplug the usb cable, close the cap and you are ready to wear the belt.

Nice and bright.

 To turn the ARO Belt on simply slide the switch, 

Nice bright Led's 

Here is a short video of the ARO Belt
I don't usually do review videos but the way that the ARO Belt works it is easier to show it's full potential with a quick video.

Will be updating as soon as I have more photos 

Want to find out more check ARO 

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What is the conclusion

A well thought out and designed LED Belt.
Great that it is fully adjustable to fit different waist sizes.
Easy to charge and with no fiddling about having to buy and replace battery's every time it runs out of power.

UPDATE 12/12/2015

Since I have been wearing the Aro on the night rides I have not had to charge it up once yet!
So I thought it was time to do so just in case, better to be safe than sorry!

Just a case of getting the USB lead out and plug it in the laptop, only took a short time to fully charge!
Well recommend the Aro Belt.

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  1. For safety purposes, high visibility Safety vest and Reflective tape are going to make you far more visible.


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