FR Front Race Mudhugger front mudguard review

Front Race Mudhugger Mudguard review

 The FR (Front Race) designed with World Cup and Enduro World Series riders, gives better forward vision at high speeds in wet and muddy conditions.


 The FR stands for "Front Race" which means you are getting something special from the lads at Mudhugger, I have a front mudguard on review, if you have read my other Mudhugger Review you will know that I am pretty impressed with the pair on my Trek 29er, I love them,  they keep my bottom and back dry on the wet muddy rides, that also includes my light and seat bags, keeping them dry and mud free, but that is the pair fitted to the 29er.  How will this New addition to the Mudhugger stable work then, this is what I am about to find out!

Mudhugger sends the FR in a nice large box. 

 One FR Front Race Mudhugger mudguard 

Fixing is straight forward.

What is in the Box! 

1 x FR Front Mudhugger
4 x small cable ties
4 x large cable ties
1 x sticker
1 x Instruction sheet with links to videos  on "How To" fix the FR.
On first inspection of the FR, it does not look much different to the normal Mudhugger's, but you need to look again as  firstly they feel a bit lighter and secondly they are a bit longer.  On offering it up to the front wheel  you will see a difference in length and also a difference in profile compared to the older Mudhugger I reviewed previously.

The test bike I will use will be a Specialized Camber mtb bike, as it doesn't mind a bit of rough riding! 

 The Gap to fit the FR into! 

 Not much clearance on the Camber front fork.

The easiest way I found to fit the FR is as follows.... 
Take the 2 x small cable ties and pass them first through the top holes in the FR.

 Simply pass the 2 cable ties through the top holes

Leave these open.

 Next is to offer the FR onto the front fork, position the FR in place and loose tie the tie wraps to start with.

 It is recommended to use some Frame Tap to protect your paint work and frame on your bike
Available from the Mudhugger website 

 Next take 2 of the large cable ties and pass them around the holes on the side of the FR and loosely  connect them to the front forks.

 Once all are in place and you have made sure the clearance is good enough, tighten up the cable ties and test for any rubbing, if so just give the FR a twist and a pull to get it to adjust.

Would recommend Frame tape, not supplied in the box, well worth adding this to your order.
 All fitted! 

 Time for a test.

 Until I know the FR is in the correct place I have not cut off the ends of the cable ties.

 I was thinking of getting the hairdryer out to reshape the FR into place,

 Looks neat and tidy! A nice curve to the FR, and long enough.

 Out on the test ride and I had no problems with any rubbing anywhere, so I was very pleased with that.

 On the ride I did notice that stones were hitting the FR instead of the under frame.

 At the time of test the weather had been good, and the rain had kept off, so the ground was a lot drier that it had been in the past, so not much soft mud.

Went out on a towpath ride along the river bank, dry and dusty conditions but the track was stony, I could hear the stones flicking up onto the the FR, without the FR fitted I am pretty sure the stones would be chipping away at the paint work!

Loads of dust all around the bike frame.

 The FR Mudhugger looks the part!

How did the Mudhugger FR cope with a much muddier ride..

 Very muddy.

 Wet and muddy ride and plenty of grit around! 

 Plenty of dirt here! 

 Take a closer look around the front fork to see how well the FR has kept the dirt from getting there! 

 One of those kind of rides.
Over rough ground the FR did not seem to mind being shaken around and it did not slip out of place once, there was no rubbing or grinding, I can honestly say that I have not had to readjust the FR once whilst it has been fitted to the Camber!

How did we rate the FR by Mudhugger.

Easy to fit.
Easy to wipe clean.
Kept the dirt and grit from flying up and hitting the frame.
Nice looking front mudguard.








Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Mudhugger

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