Salice Cycle Glasses Review

 A real treat is in store for you on the review of cycling glasses by a well established Italian company called "Salice".

When you first see these, you will just know your not just looking at any old pair of cycling glasses, your looking at something special, not only in the way they are designed but also in the manufacture and technology. Even the feel of the frames is enough to convince you these Salice 011 RAD are more than a bit special. The brand name is derived from the family who founded the company, and which the current CEO Anna Salice is the third generation in charge, so they must know a thing or two about sports glasses, they not only produce cycling glasses, but also glasses for skiing, snowboarding, motocross, sailing, canoing and so much more.

                                                        Salice 011 RAD           
                            Excellent glass case, strong and padded, included is a glass cloth.

                                                              Salice 011 RAD

                                                                                            Photos by A.Burns

The specifications for the Salice 011 RAD glasses are very long and technical, if you thought they were just a run of the mill pair of cycling glasses, you would be very wrong!

The arms of the Salice 011 have a slender line, built from Grilamid TR90. "What is that" I hear you say, well here is the Technical Part

Grilamid TR90 grades are transparent thermoplastic polymides based on alipaticc and cycloaliphatic blocks, so that makes Griland TR 90 very clear, gives it a good light in natural colours, it makes it tough, stiff, and has a good chemical and stress resistance, also it has a high flexural fatigue strength, so it makes it a ideal choice for sports glasses.

                                        Megol Rubber inserts.                       Photo A.Burns

 The frame is also fitted with Megol rubber inserts on all of the contact points to ensure comfort and stability, especially when the going gets tough, this works brilliantly, it holds the rims firmly in place on your nose, we tested this on a rough mountain bike ride, and not once did the Salice 011 RAD glasses feel like they were sliding or become uncomfortable, in fact they were so comfortable we forgot we had them on, one of the most comfortable pair of riding glasses we have ever tried! Not only were they good off road but out on the road they were superb! not once did they fog up, even though it was a very cold day and I had a neck scarf pulled up, what usually happens is the glasses I wear get fogged up quickly, but the Salice 011 RAD kept clear all the way through the ride, this is due to the top vents in the lenses, fantastic idea! nothing worse than having to fumble around trying to find a cloth and to keep stopping to clean your glasses at the side of the road or in dark woods !

The Salice 011 RAD come with lowlight multilayer mirror Orange coated lenses, which cuts glare and increases contrast, this works very well on a dull day, it brightens up the vision and makes objects seem a lot clearer.
When everyone seems to be trying to get the lightest bike, the lightest wheels, the lightest clothes etc  these days, the Salice 011 RAD  goes along with that principle, weighing in at a very modest 23 grams!
When you look at other makes and models of cycling glasses on the market, that come in that weight category, you will find you have to pay a lot more for a lot less! but not with the Salice 011 RDA, this is where  the Grilamid TR90 comes in, making them light weight and strong!

How to change the lenses.
It will be a lot clearer if you check out the Salice website regarding the instructions, I had no problems with the interchange,  it was also very handy that they have placed a glass cleaning cloth in the glass case. 

Summing up
A great pair of cycling glasses from Salice, strong, light weight, great lenses, good quality glass case and a very good price for a top quality product.
If your looking, or even thinking of buying some new cycling glasses, add these to the top of your  list to try out.

Stockists  listed here

Salice UK Twitter feed @SaliceUK

Salice eye ware UK



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