BTR Direct Bike Bag Review

This time we have a different kind of bike bag for review, different you say!..... How?

It sits on your cross bar attached by Velcro straps and strapped to the header stem.

                                             Say Hello to the BTR Direct Bike Bag
                                            It has place to keep your Mobile phone dry and dust free! built into the lid is a  phone holder you can use whilst still in the bag! (to makes calls use a Bluetooth ear piece).

                                                    Underside with the Velcro straps

Right side view, it has a reflective strip running along the side, very well thought out solid design, so it keeps it shape on the sides when you have got a lot of items in the bag!

The stitching and zip are well constructed and the zip runs all the way round from top to bottom, in both directions ideal if you are Right or Left handed.

 Extension ear phone cable for your I Pod, phone, portable speakers etc
                                              Plenty of room in there for all sorts of stuff!
This is the very cleverly designed front lid flap, if you unzip the top lid  you will find a padded pocket flap that allows you to place your Mobile phone, mini tablet, or navigation device inside.

                                                     Front cover with the I phone in place
 As you can see it was easy enough to place in and will be able to use from the outside, ideal for map reading etc

Easy to change from one screen to the other whilst the phone is still in the bag.
Bag attached to the top cross bar
                                          Fitted to a road bike for those much longer rides.
Available in 3 sizes, Large, Medium and Small, dimensions are on their web site at bottom of this blog.
Easy removable bag to take with you, or to transfer to another bike.

This bike bag is from BTR Direct which is based in East Sussex, they do bike bags and accessory on line.        link to the bag

This link has all the information you will need,  while you are there check out some of their other great priced bags,  as for the price.......... well impressed!

BTR Direct  are a small set up based in Hove.  They have been established for 10 years and have recently started selling bike bags & accessories after Bryn rediscovered his love of cycling and looked to buy various bike accessories for themselves. 
BTR Direct  are always  expanding there range and the  website will be updated as & when they do.  The aim of BTR Direct  is to offer good value for money and I do feel that the range they have offers that, just check out Amazon,
BTR Direct are currently selling there brand on there own website and eBay & Amazon & are looking to expand to sell to trade if they can, so get in touch with Joe at BTR Direct in Hove.

One of the Best price cycling accessories we have ever come across! 


The bag has been used plenty of times now, it got a good soaking the other Saturday on a ride out, the contents were all kept dry, and the bag has kept its shape, it took 3 days to dry my shoes, so that is a idea on how wet the bag got!
Once the bag dried out, it was just a case of  wipeing away the moisture from the phone compartment!
Zips are still going fine, no snags or catches.

Still recommend this bag as good cycling accessory for any bike trip!  

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