KitSound Cadet Wireless Review

Want a Speaker on the move!

Sounds Crazy I know, but check this out!

Here it is!
Even just the Picture makes it look interesting!

Basically it is a Speaker with a difference!

Has a multitude of cunning little tricks up it;s sleeve!
Blue Tooth
SD Micro Card
Direct connection

This will go down a storm out on the cycle paths and roads! around the bar, Pool, cricket picth, any where your imagination can take it!

How does it work, simple, it has a Slot for a Micro SD card, insert the Micro card, follow the instructions to Format the card, and you are nearly there, then copy what music you would like to the card, un-plug from PC and you are all set for a music marvel!

How does it sound, well to my ears great, loud and no distorts on over sounding, want to go to the next track, simply click the right arrow button once,  a bit of volume, pres and hold the arrow, as simple as that!

Cables, instruction booklet

Battery seems to last for ages as well,

Check out Amazon or even KitSound for more details at

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Been out and about with the Cadet  Speaker, and a lot of people have been surprised about the sound, and the loudness of such a small speaker.

Battery life is good, last all day, has not let me down as yet.
Has a real solid feel to this speaker.
Nice rubber base on the bottom to make sure It does not slip any where off the shelf! 

When wearing on a lanyard around your neck whilst out cycling, now and again the Cadet pauses, which can be annoying when your  into a great song! a lock button would come in handy maybe!
When you first turn it on a loud Blip is heard, would be nice to turn this sound down a bit! 
The cover for the USB lead is a bit tricky to undo. 

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