Kitvision Blast Cycle Camera

Kitvision Blast HD3000 Action Camera review 

Firstly, I found this camera to be a solid bit of Kit ! 

It feels solid, it's small and it's indiscreet, bearing in mind the spec on this Blast HD3000, you will see what value for money it is.
If you are good at using the Internet, you could save yourself a bundle of money by shopping around.

 Whats in the box then?...........Well basically loads! 

You have the Blast of course, then you have mounts, battery, stainless steel screws, sticker pads, usb cable, hand safety strap, and the instruction manual, even the box it comes in is a very clever design, it has all the spec written on the outside of the box, and you can see the camera inside the box clearly, I found this to be  a very nice touch. 

 The Kitvision Blast 3000

720p means the video is being recorded at 720 lines per frame at 30 frames a second
 Also takes 5 Mega pixel pictures
 A nice wide angle lens, so it will show a wide path in front
Waterproof up to 10 meters

                                                                     Box Contents
                                                       Files format JPEG
                                           Mounts that comes with the Blast HD3000

                                        A Little of what you can do with the HD Blast 3000

How easy is it to set up and use?

I found it very easy to set up and use, a ten minute job! the camera needs a Micro sd card, which is the only thing not supplied in the box, I just took out the old Sd Micro card from an old mobile phone, and simply formatted it, it worked a treat! Although I really needed a 32gb card, so I have loosened the purse strings and invested £2.99 and brought one!

Rear of the Kitvision HD3000 with the rear cap removed.
This shot shows the slot for the SD Micro card, the small switch to go from Video to camera mode and the battery slot.

When installing the Micro card make sure the strips are the right way round, do not force it into the slot, as you may cause damage to the card.
The battery can only go in one way.
You will see the USB cable connector slot as labelled.

 The Mounting Accessories

You have helmet mounts, handle bar mounts, all  of which seem to be made of good quality plastic.

                                      Handel bar mount, you can see this adjusts to all angles.
The picture below is of a type of cycle helmet which I have attached the Blast to, I personally prefered the helmet mount  to a bar mount. The only problem I had with this type of cycle helmet was it did not have a flat enough space to stick the adhesive stickers to, so I had to come up with another method if I was to fit it to the helmet, this was easily solved with a thin strip of Velcro as seen in the photo below! I simply threaded the Velcro through the mount and through the vents in the helmet to keep it attached, and tighted it as much as I could so it did not wobble.
                                             Mount fixed to helmet with Velcro below
After a test ride out on the road,  I found that the way I had the mount fastened to the cycle helmet caused a lot of vibration, so I repositioned it  and gave it another try!  and hey presto less vibration and more stable.
My first real chance of filming some serious action with the Kitvision Blast, was when stage 3 of the Tour de France came to my home town, this did not go to well, as I got so carried away with the Tour de France riders approaching, and forgot to turn on the Blast! it was not until I was uploading the Blast, that I then realised what I had done!

Uploading the Blast

The uploading could not be made any easier, simply unscrew the rear cap, plug  the Usb lead into your PC and into the rear slot of the Blast, a blue light comes on, and this tells you it is charging, if you give the power switch a press that will make the Blast start to power up, to communicate with the PC, then simply follow the instructions on the pop up on your PC.  You can then upload to your you-tube to share to the world!

Good Points

I  like the way the Blast vibrates when you turn it on,  if you mount it on your helmet, it best to practise with the turning on, and then recording, and stop recording, etc, so you get use to the vibrations, as everyone has a different head, height etc, you will have to adjust it your needs and with the way all the mounts work, adjustment is easy

Here is a Link to a video from the Dunwich Dynamo cycle ride, with the Blast mounted to my cycle helmet, but a bit tighter than before, so the picture is not as shaky as it was.

Watch out for more Videos, but to honest with you, if you are after a Action camera for less than a £100, you could not do better than the Blast, so shop around and grab your self a bargain!

Our Tow Path Tuesday Ride Part 1

Look out for more videos soon

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