Knog Blinder Road Front 2 LED Bike Light Review

                               The Knog Blinder 2 LED Bike Light Review                       

                                                     What a Happy Little Chappie!

Welcome to our review on the Knog Blinder 2.

Knog was Launched in March 2003 by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie.
Knog is a unique global cycling accessories brand, based in Australia currently selling Knog products to over 46 different countries, if you look out for the brand in your local cycle shop, you will start to notice the name is all around us, by this time most cyclist, have now at least heard of the Knog brand, but how many of you have tried the lights? well, I have had a chance to do a review on the Knog Blinder Road 2 Front Light, and this is what I think of the Knog light.

First things first, the quality on this light in our opinion is outa this world, from the feel, the quality of the finish, a piece of art, it feels indestructible!

Once out the box, and a read through the instructions regarding charging, and it was as simple as connecting a Usb cable to the Knog Blinder vie a clever design connector on the light, which was in the form of a simple lift the flap and connect the cable to it, and on comes the Red light to tell you it is charging, it turns green when charged, Knog recommend 6 hours for the first charge.

Two switches, Right is High and Low, left is the light sequence it goes through.
The Feel of the Blinder 2 is top class! so well made, feels solid.

2 X Velcro, and a larger strap
The Knog on charge!

After the recommended charge it was off to see who easy it was to fit to the handle bars of the MTB bike, and it is the most easiest fitting we ever have had the pleasure to do! just a quick place on the bar's, pull the clip round and connect the clasp, and a quick snap and it was tightly on the bars! Brilliant!

First ride out and was well impressed in the way the Knog held onto it place on the bars, did not slip once, some time's after a bumpy ride you have to adjust the light position, but the Knog has a Rubber type strap that makes it grip the handle bars very well.

Rear View as seen from the saddle

Out on the road I was amazed at the distance the Knog was throwing light out, I had it on the Low Echo Flash setting (The Light Flashes from left to right light) and the beam was throwing out light at well over 80 yards! The reason I know this is because on a  route I cycle, there are reflective signs well ahead, and this particular ride I noticed they were flashing up ahead, a quick hand over the front of the Knog Blinder 2, and I realized it was the Knog making the reflective strips on the signs flash from a long way down the road!  And that was on the Low setting!

First ride out along the Tow Path, and the Knog shone the way brilliantly, no problems at all, takes a bit of getting used to the amount of setting's on the light, but you soon get used to it, and start to switch to high or low settings depending on the brightness of the track your on, On another ride I had to change from Eco Flash to Dual Beam very quick, as I was on a down hill and all of a sudden went in to a very narrow arch with no light, and had little time for any error, but a quick press on the Knog and the path in front was well lit up!

The Knog has two setting for High and Low beam on one switch, just a simple push of the button and  that gets the Knog from Low to High easy, turning a Led light on the rear from Green to Blue, the left button is for the modes, all in high, and low modes, so, there is enough power to see your way safe.

One handy thing the 'Knog light can do, and that is a power drain, used for when the Knog will not be used for a long time, this is achieved by pushing the left button until it turns Red, the Knog then will drain itself to the optimum voltage level and turn it self off, it will flash 3 times, all very good, apart from when I was out riding and fiddled with the light going through the light phases, the red light came on! lucky I noticed what I had done, and managed to turn it off, and turn the light back on again! So, you need to watch for this when out and about!

Also in the box was a removable silicone strap for bars 29-35mm. so the Knog can handle 22-28mm Handel bars no problem.
A Helmet mount is also included, along with 2 pieces of Velcro strap to mount to your cycling helmet.


Good Points

A Very nice compact, well made, and solid light, Eco flash is bright enough to be seen with on the roads.
Wide and long beam
Nice and easy to fit, and remove.
No problem with the Knog accidentally turning on once put away in your bag or pocket.
Great long run money saver on battery's.
A Nice helmet fixing bracket supplied.
Ideal for the commuter ride to work, where you could charge the Knog up for the rtn journey on PC.

Bad Points

Button's could be a bit fiddly with gloves on..
On high beam light may fade quicker

All in all a fantastic Light by Knog

For a Full instruction leaflet try here

UPDATE 24/04/2015

The Knog Blinder 2 is still holding it charge and putting out the light on the night rides! 

Knog Blinder on Low beam

See Your Local Bike Store For Stock

Review Update

It is time to mount the @Knog Blinder to the cycle helmet.

Remember in the box you have the helmet mount and the Velcro strap to fix it to your cycle helmet, Ideal for the MTB rider now the dark nights are drawing in.
 Simply attach the mount to the front of your helmet. 

 Attach the @Knog Blinder and you are sett to go! 
Look out for the next update when I test the @Knog Blinder on a night ride around the woods!

Update 25/10/2015


Knog Blinder with new strap fitted with helmet bracket.

Must just add that the Knog fitted to your cycle helmet make for a much safer ride when your out riding in wood land, have a Knog Blinder fitted to you Handel bars and one fitted to your and just see where your going before you even get there!
 Have it andgled up in front and as you approach a corner you can chose your path much sooner with the light fitted to the bars! 

The light the Blinder throws out from the position on your cycle helmet depends on the angle you have it in, I found it stayed in place and I was riding on rough ground a lot of the time!  

100% SAFER!

I did not realise that I first started doing the review on the Knog Blinder around 28th June 2014! That is 16 Months use!
And the Knog is still going and being used on rides out regular!
Holds a charge!

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement For Knog.


  1. Many buyers are attracted to purchase long life LED lightning bulbs.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Knog have some clever tricks up there sleeve, this light is now a year old and still holding a charge!


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