Peatys Tyre Sealant for cycles.

Peatys Tyre Sealant Review 

Welcome to my follow on review blog on the Tubeless Tyre Sealant, I’ve decided to change from the Stans Tyre Sealant over to a product from the stables of Peaty’s, it’s simply called “Peatys Tyre Sealant”.
Steve Peaty, you may know the name... but basically after 17 World Cup wins, and a amazing 52 World Cup podiums, yes, that’s 52! One World Championship, two European Championships and nine British Championships, he knows a thing or two about Downhill MTB Racing, which led him to produce tyre sealant etc etc.. 

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Priced at £19.99 on the AmazonUk site. 

If you look on the Peatys website you will see it’s has a discounted 25% off so now it’s down in price, shame I didn’t know about that yesterday, or I would have saved my self a few quid!. 
Now reduced to £14.99, not too sure on the delivery charge or if it’s included, so just check before you place a order.

Ordered yesterday and arrived the next day without even leaving the house, which was just as well because we had a torrential downpour and hail stones! Crazy weather at the moment.  

In my previous review blog, I spent two days cleaning the wheel and tyre to remove the Stans that set around the tyre and rim, but this time, I had learnt my lesson, and the cleaning of the previous tyre sealant was a easy 20 minutes, instead of two days! 
So my advice is do not leave the Stans in your wheel if it’s gone flat, get it out and do a complete clean up, one of the disadvantages of going Tubeless, if your having problems with the tyre going soft and letting out air vie the rim, one thing you should know about running tubeless tyres you really want to avoid breaking lose the tyre beads from your rim, if your tyre is seated correctly you will see the follow line around the tyre (Like the tyre seated correctly in my YouTube video) this indicates the edges of the tyre on both sides are in the right place to seal any air from escaping, what you do not want to happen is the tyre to come unseated, as this brings complications getting the tyre back seated on the rim with only a small hand pump out on the ride! AVOID BREAKING LOSE THE BEADS! 

I think if your tyre has any gaps where it has come unseated off the rim, I would suggest forgetting about re-topping up with more sealant unless you can guarantee a 100% you can get the tyre to reseat on the rim all the way around, that’s my view, if you have any other advice,  please do leave a comment on the bottom of my blog, will be interesting to see what you all come back with. 

                                                 Two days to remove and clean up the tyre! 

Description on the website says the 500 ml Bottle is a Workshop bottle, and this I can believe, on first glance there looks more than enough for two wheels!
I’m planning on changing the Sealant in the rear wheel, simply because I keep getting let down by the tyre going down due to the previous sealant not sealing the small hole that was in the Panarcer Gravelking tyre, I think maybe it’s down to me reusing the Stans sealant several times, I had no problem when I first placed the Stans in the tyre, but now it’s time to move on, so that’s why we are here today on a new test of the Peatys Tyre Sealant product for bikes. 
I didn’t have time to explore more of the tyre sealant products out there, I need a sealant to get me back on the bike, I was going to try the sealant from Wilco, a small bottle, but I didn’t get round to getting the time to go shopping, so thanks to my Son and Amazon Prime.. I have a bottle of Peaty‘s on my worktop. 
Peaty’s do not realise I’m in the process of doing this review for you all, It sometimes take a few weeks to set up reviews, but I had to act fast if I want to get back on the gravel bike again. 
Description of the Peatys Tyre Sealant.... 

Ammonia Free.
Non Hazardous.
Latex based compound.
Last up-to 6 months.
Will not ball up in the tyre.
Easy washed out with water.
Lightweight formula.
Thinner and fast acting.

The idea of just topping up the tyre every 6 months is what really drew me to the Peatys Tyre Sealant, the down side to some of the sealants out there in the market is the recommendation to “Top Up Every 3 Months”, it can become expensive, and time consuming as well, not knowing how long you last topped up because you forgot the date you installed it last, so 6 months is a far better time between top ups, or at least it is for me.. 

What’s so different to the Peatys Tyre Sealant you ask, as far as I can tell a lot compared to the Stans as in my previous tyre sealant review, Stans is based on a natural latex, and they use additives that can be found in your everyday products of toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, and more.... so it should be safe for the environment, or at least I’m presuming it is, that’s the Stans.. 

Now onto the Peatys Tyre Sealant, so what’s in the bottle, 
It a white type of liquid, with blue bits, well, to be honest it’s more than that, (just Kidding) but it really is white with blue bits, they look like pieces of some sort of glitter, but going to the Peatys website and it all becomes clear, it’s BioGliter made from wood, well hardwood to be exactly right, and it’s all responsibly managed and certified, Peatys say on there website that there sealant works a lot like the platelets in your blood, building up behind holes to help there fast acting sealant form a stronger bond with the rubber in the tyre.

Valve removed. 

The Peatys comes with a flexible injector pipe.

Refit the tyre back on the rim, seat both sides of the tyre onto rim, and inflate with the valve removed.

My video on getting the Pressure Sprayer to Pop the tyre back on the wheel, if you listen carefully you can hear the pops, and the tyre was seated all the way round with the bead in the right place. 

The Gravelking seated in the right spot all around the wheel, I also cleaned up the tyre and wheel to bring it back to the New Look by using the Ducksmart Earth Mover bike cleaner. 
Link for the Ducksmart 

I transferred around 40 ml into a smaller bottle, I found it a lot easier to use. 

-The Peatys found the pin holes that the Stans was having trouble with sealing.

Marker lines on side of the bottle.

So far so good as they say, I managed to get the Panaracer Gravelking tyre back on the rim and sealed, I added the Peatys Tyre Sealant easy enough, I transferred around 40ml into a smaller more manageable bottle and refilled vie the valve core, now all that is needed is to take a check and see if the wheel is still up having been left over night, if it is, I’ll put it back on the bike and go for a test ride! 

Link for the Gravelking’s tyre by Panaracer 

Thanks for reading, I hope its been useful the last couple of reviews on wheels and tyre sealant, its not as bad as it seems, when the sealant works, it’s brilliant, ill update you with any nes as and when, so fingers crossed!

And I have great news for you all, and me, especially me, the tyre is still Up,.... It's worked... 

The Peaty’s has done the trick! 

Update 05/06/2021 

Had a disappointment morning yesterday, (Friday) .... 
My ride plan was to meet up and ride off into the Sunset for a gravel ride, , but on the way to the meeting place I noticed the Panarcer Gravelking tire was going a bit flat, so I stopped and pumped it up before the tire came off the rim.

I noticed the Peaty’s leaking out around the side wall,
The Gravelking was going down !

Obvious  I let the tire go a bit too flat, and on inspection I found a Very Small pin hole, so in theory nothing to worry about as the Peaty’s will seal such a small hole.

 As you can see, it’s a Small hole! 

so I carried on to the meeting place, where the I found the Panarcer was going soft again.... Grrrrr. So there was no way I could trust the Peaty’s to seal the hole, and after pumping it up again I set off back home and called the gravel ride off, better to be safe than sorry.

Once at home I yet again pumped up the tire, and the Peaty’s just would not seal that Small Hole, so out came a tire plug..... 

Giant Tire Plug Kit. 

And Disaster struck! I needed up piercing the rim tape by the sudden force of the plug going through the Panarcer! So now I need to remove the tire, remove and clean the sealant from the rim ... 
Photos to follow as soon as I can upload them.

Panarcer Gravelking tire removed and wheel cleaned. 
A very small hole in the rim tape, but enough to not seal the tire, so it needs to be replaced! 
All because the Peatys sealant did not seal a small hole. 

Cleaning off the Peaty’s was a very easy thing to do, as it was raining  very hard out side I took the Panarcer Gravelking and simply hosed it down, I was very surprised to see the Peaty’s come off the Gravelking that easy, but I was not complaining... 

With both the wheel and tire cleaned off just a case of a dry and find some Rim tape to replace the one I pierced.. Another review maybe, not too sure on that, as I will need it sooner rather than later, but you never know, so stay tuned, I’ll be ordering a set of new gravel tires, I’m torn between two makes, .... 

Video link 

As you can see by the video, I am not exaggerating when I say “It’s a Small Hole” , it is, and I think the Peatys Tyre Sealant should have worked, but it didn’t, and it’s not the first time it’s let me dow.

My Verdict on the Peaty’s Tire Sealant.. 
Good Points... 

Easy to clean your tire with a hose pipe. 
Simple to install. 
Nice bottle. 

Bad Points....
It has not sealed up two small holes in the Panarcer Gravelking tire. 

Update: 14/06/2021 
I have removed the Panarcer and The Peatys tire sealant due to the fact I was getting too many “P” genie visits. 
Watch out for my latest review update. 

Hopefully this review has not put you off running a tubeless setup, I’ve had some success, but for reasons beyond me I just can’t get the system to settle down, I’m on the search of a new set of gravel tires, my chances of getting any for a review are very slim, with most tire manufacturing company all saying “Sorry we do not have the Stock”, this could be because of the situation with manufacturers and the way the PR company handles the account, or it could be because they do not want bad press by a No Fee Blooger doing what he does best best by giving you all the truth on products, 
I’m torn between two makes of Gravel Tire, one problem is the details are not clear on one make, and the other make the website does not take a credit card payment, that has caused me a big problem because now I’m having to look at some other gravel tires, oh, and don’t forget the rim tape, did I say cycling is not expensive!.

Will update A.S.A.P.  once I get a new set of tires and the rim tape.. 

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