Helmet Angel review

Helmet Angel Review


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Helmet Angel popped a set in the post to me to try out, very nice of them, so let me tell you all about the Snail like shells, simply put they fit to the side of your cycle helmet to the straps, and when you go for a ride the wind noise drops considerably, .... sounds simple, so let me tell you how I got on with the @HelmetAngel 

Whats in the box:  Nice carton containing two shell like ear pieces with a soft foam type inner cushion, a Helmet Angel sticker, and a contact card, also a very nice soft bag to keep them in.

Fitting: It took me around 10 minutes to fit the Helmet Angel to my cycle helmet straps, one each side in a certain position to cover my ears, 

Helmet Angel fitted to strap.

First thing I did was fit one upside down to the strap, so removed it and took my time to study the shells a bit more, noticed the cushions could be removed as they are held on with a strip of velcro, 

Cushion Pad on rear.

Helmet Angel has a nice slot to grip your cycle helmet strap, grips it nice and firm so I didn't find it slipping down the strap at all, good design on that part.

Found it much easier to remove the soft cushion attached by a velcro strip, this allowed me to stretch out the strap to feed into the jaws of the shell, then simply reattach the soft cushion.

Once the Helmet Angel was attached both side and moved into position to fit my ears it was out for a test ride on one of the most windiest days so far, and a perfect time for a quick test.

Conclusion: Found it a little bit fiddly to fit, but nothing too frustrating, a lot of off and on with the cycle helmet to get it right, I liked the soft cushion feel to the pads on my ears, I had a bit of flapping of the shells on one ear at first but soon found out my helmet straps were not tight enough, so a simple adjustment was needed, but the main thing you all want to know is do they work.......
Answer.... "Yes" absolutely they work a treat, on the short ride I went on it was the windiest day so far, and straight away I noticed the wind was kept away, not only that but found my ears were warmer as well! so a fantastic design for wind reduction, will I get used to the large shells fitted to the straps, to be honest if it makes the ride safer by letting me hear cars and not having to shout then yes, they will stay on the cycle helmet, so be sure to keep a eye on my Facebook and Twitter feed etc for updates..
Ideal for the winter rides, how well they work in the summer time only time will tell...

Helmet Angel priced at 


A big thank you to David Crampton  the inventor of the Helmet Angel for giving me the chance to review the Helmet Angels, ordering is a simple process from there website.



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  1. just got a pair of these, so that I could hear my Bose Tempo sunglasses with built in speakers. Unfortunately they just generate more noise than before, which seems obvious really, as anything on your ears will generate wind noise. Maybe the problem is that with sunglasses they don't fit flush to your head so the wind creeps behind them. I had previously found that it was difficult to hear the speakers at 20 mph, but with the Helmet Angels this reduced to about 16mph, much worse than before.


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