Epic Brake Bleeding Kit Review.

 Epic Bleed Solutions Bleed Kit Review.



Priced at £19.99 from Epic 

How many  people shy away from bleeding there Hydraulic brakes and rush off to there LBS and  are charged for bleeding the system, could be as much as £25 for a caliper at some major cycle stores, so for the cost of the Epic Bleed Solutions Kit at £14.99 it could save you a fortune on brake bleeding, as some of you may know I have had on review a set of Hydraulic brakes from a company called Juin-Tech, the DB1 Brakes are  available from there UK Distributor Edge Sports UK, see the links for details. (but do come back to my review blog)
Date of the review June 2015.


The Juin-Tech DB1 is a upgrade to your cable system, and I found it really easy to fit to my Trek Gary Fisher 29er, link to the review blog below


Over the course of the past two years have I have had no problems with the system or the brakes in any way, I can 100% recommend these as a up grade to any bike like I have said in my review blog, maintenance wise I should have maybe changed the Hydraulic fluid more often, but I have not, so, here I am with a "Soft" brake lever.... so where do I go from here... Read on to find out....

First thing I did once I noticed the lever was spongey was to remove the rear pad, easy enough to do, gave it a check and all was ok, so after checking the pipe line for any leakage or even a hole for any leakage it meant only one thing... "Brake Bleed" time.

Just to point out I am in no way a qualified bike mechanic, so if after reading this product review you feel your not confident to try it out, do pop along to your LBS for a brake service..

Having no real idea on how to bleed the brakes I turned to Youtube to watch a few video;s, looks easy enough, but still needed a lot more help on the way to do it, so the first point of call was to give Edge Sports UK a tweet on what do I need for the job, ( https://twitter.com/edgesportsukllp?lang=en ) who told me I need to bleed them with the Shimano bleed system, great news on that side, a easy kit to get hold of, nothing fancy, so off I go and find the Shimano bleed kit only to find the BD1 calipers do not have any bleed nipples for the tube to fit!

The kit contains a syringe tube, funnel

I placed the 29er into to the bench mounted http://bdbikes.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&path=92&product_id=4196 from +BDBikes

I took two photos , one of the brake lever bleed screw, and one of the Caliper to tweet to Edge Sports UK for advice.

BDBikes bench mounted stand, ideal for when the weather is horrid!

 Brake lever bleed screw.

Rear caliper bleed screw. 

It was pointed out the BD1 do not have a bleed nipple so the use of the Shimano Basic bleed kit would not be much good good as it fits on to bleed nipples, Edge Sports UK suggested I contact Epic Bleed Solution's, so a quick contact made vie twitter to +Epic Bleed Solutions and sure enough they have a Brake Bleed kit to do the job.... 
Kit recommended for the job is the Universal bleed kit selling at £19.99.

Kit Contents.

  • 2x Locking syringes
  • 1x EBT/aspiration syringe
  • 1x Bleed nipple vent tube
  • 1x Injection tubing with locking adaptor
  • 4x Brass bleed adaptor
  • 1x Shimano 2012-onwards master cylinder bleed adaptor
  • 2x Tube clamps
  • 2x Cable ties
  • 1x Elastic band
  • 3x Torx screwdriver bit
  • 1x Pair of nitrile (latex free) gloves
Kit contents.

Once I got used to the contents of the kit I set it aside, placed the bike in the bench mount work stand and removed the rear wheel, removed the brake pads, sorted the bleed screws out and connected the right size bleed adapters to the syringe's filled up the syringe with fluid and proceeded to fit to the caliper and brake lever.

Syringe filled with the Epic brake fluid.

Brake pads removed.

10mm Hex Alan key used to keep calipers apart.

Blled screw removed and the bleed adapter in place.

Rear bleed adapter fitted and syringe filled with the brake fluid.

Old fluid coming out, was expecting a more black fluid, so surprised it was like new, but full of bubbles when first removing the fluid.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Container for the drain off of the brake fluid.
After pushing the fluid through and noticed no more bubbles time to remove the syringes and refit the bleed screws, refit the pads, reset the brake lever screw, wipe down the bike and give the brakes a try.

And they work!

More solid feel to the Juin-Tech DB1 Brakes.

CONCLUSISION: Absolutly a brilliat bit of kit that will save you money over and over, I was a bit nervous at doing the bleed of the brakes at the start, but watched several Youtube videos on brake bleeding, and went for a try, had no problems, the kit came with everything I needed to do the DB1 brakes, plus a load more in the kit as well,
Instructions in the kit are a bit on the scarce side, but like Epic say there are just so many combinations of brakes out there it is easier to check out a "How To" you tube video like I have done, it got me through the "Doubt I could do the bleed stage" .
One thing that I did come across in every "How to" video was make sure you get the right brake fluid, or you will be in big trouble later when the seals all go rotten and soft. and you don't want that do you.

Are you a Diy bike mechanic, if so you need to add this to your list of things to get, 10 out of 10 to Epic Bleed Solutions for putting a great kit together for the price.


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