MYKLOPS Rear cycling mirror review.




For cyclists. 

From the London Bike Show on the 14/02/2015.

Passed by the stand of the MYKLOPS rear view mirror and knew I had seen it before! but where, I could just not remember, so I got chatting with the designer, and owner of the MYKLOPS rear view mirror, and he offered me one to do a review on, offer accepted and here we are with the MYKLOPS rear view review, find out how I get on with the MYKLOPS. 

I ride with a rear view mirror most of the time, I can see the benefit of a rear view mirror, it takes a lot of convincing people to use one, but once they do, they tend to not go out with out it!

The MYKLOPS is a little bit different to other rear cycling mirrors on the market, in the way it is worn on your wrist just like a wrist watch, you then open the lid and pull the arm out and position the mirror to suite the bike your on, straight bar, drop bars, seems it will be suitable for any type of bike out there.

Worn on the wrist just like a watch,

Open the cover and pull out the arm and adjust!

Not too sure how we will get on with this rear cycling mirror.

I will be updating the review when I have tested the MYKLOPS further, made from plastic, so will see how well it stands up to the pace!

Worn on the wrist.

Open the lid, slide the arm out to extend the mirror and adjust the bevel top in to position. 

Once adjusted the Myklops stay firmly in place.

Safe, now you can see the car behind .
Going off road, I found it was not needed, so a quick flip and the mirror was put away!

Found a lot of interest in the Myklops rear view mirror.

Ideal if you are a Lady cyclist for the applying of the lipstick for the ride!
Everyone who tried the Myklops said how easy it was to put on and adjust.

Verdict: When I first came across this at the London Bike Show, my first thought was cheap plastic, and would not last long, well that was back in February, and I have been playing about with the Myklops ever since, from  road rides with a top speed of 30mph the Myklops did not move (Down Hill) to rides in the woods, tow path rides, and lots more, the mirror is as good as when I first placed it on my wrist, so why has it taken me four months to test it, basically I ride when I can, and have used the Myklops when I can, have found this to be a lot better than it looks, not that it is a ugly duckling, it does the job right, you can see very clear the traffic behind you, ideal if you go out on a group ride as ride leader to check the riders behind, even if you go out with the wife or girlfriend, you will never ride off in to the sun set and leave them behind, out on the road, you will see cars well before you hear them making the ride a lot safer...
Check out the Myklops website, if your lucky enough to be near the Brighton Baker Street Bike store them, they stock them, pop over to Myklops Facebook page for a chat....

Cycle safe with the Myklops rear view mirror. 


You can find Myklops here on Facebook 

Stockists: Baker Street Bikes Brighton

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  2. Hello, please note that Myklops is not an authentic bicycle mirror product and is in breach of RearViz and its IP. THIS IS A FAKE AND COPY OF REARVIZ who you would have seen at the London Bike Show. If you would like to test out a RearViz please contact me and Ill arrange for a product to be sent to you to review.

    1. Found a mirror on Amazon, looks like it's you're one.

    2. Are you still around ....

  3. Kayla is this your product....


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