Sprintech Sports rear view mirror review.

 Sprintech Racing.


Rear View Mirror for the road bike.

I came across the Sprintech range at the London Bike Show, on the stand was a reflector that caught my eye, I got chatting with Manula on the Sportech stand who offered me a chance of doing a review on the reflector for them, I jumped at the chance to do a review  that screams safety, and the reflector was screaming loud enough! So with contact details changed waited for a delivery, and sure enough, all the way from Sweden came a box with Cycle mirrors and the reflector in.

On review here we have the Sprintech Racing adjustable drop bar rear view mirror.

The Racing comes in various colours to blend in with your frame and bar tape, so take a look at the nice colour range on there website here... http://www.sprintech.eu/index.php/en/products/sprintech-racing

Colors: Black, Blue, White, Yellow.

Whats in the box: 2 x Rear mirrors, 2 x mounting sockets.

Fitting: Took me literally 5 minutes to fit, so very easy to fit.

Process: Remove the end cap on your drop bars, place to one side.

Sprintech recommend you moisten the plug before inserting it in to the end of the bars,  push it all the way home.

Remove plug.

Moisten and inset new plug.


Push all the way home.

Fit the right hand side mirror,

Adjust once on the bike.

Out on a ride the mirror stays in the place it has been adjusted to.

A quick glance down to see what is behind you.

Easy to adjust to your riding position. 

VERDICT: Personally I like to ride with a rear mirror of some description, I feel it makes my ride a bit safer knowing what is coming up behind before I move out to pass or over take a parked car, etc, so I am used to looking in a rear mirror, either attached to my helmet, arm or bike....

Fitting: One of the easiest mirrors to fit, no real problem with the fitting to my drop bars on the bike.
Adjustment: Easy adjustment, simply move so you can see the road behind.
Color: The Springtech comes in various colours, so pick one to suit your bike frame, personally I liked the black one as it does not stand out to much.
Comes in a pair, Left and Right fitting.

The mirror works in the same way as a car rear view mirror, it may take you a bit of time to get used to looking down quickly to check what is behind, I found I had to tilt my head a bit more than I am used to, taking my eye off what is in front of me, pretty sure I will get used to this maneuver of the head.
Object appeared a bit smaller than I would have liked to see in the mirror, but at least I knew they were there as opposed to not knowing with out a the mirrors. 

Make cycling safer with the Springtech rear mirror, 

Springtech Racing video link.

Price: Found it pays to shop around, Amazon have them on there site around £31.00 + free postage, so shop around.

Contact Details:Email info@sprintech.eu
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sprintech-1594351060879655/ 

Thank you for reading and helping to spread the word on Cycling Safty with the Springtech range of mirrors.

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 Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Sprintech sport
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