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 Cycle Jersey Review Relaxed Fit Size Medium.

This review on a custom cycling cycle shirt came about from a idea on the Harlow Cycling Group, the members of the group wanted a kind of team shirt, a cycle jersey which would be recognized by other riders and the group when we all meet up at rides, you may have found your self in the same position telling people you do not know "I will see you at the ride" and when the time comes to meet up you have no clue who your looking for! and you end up as Billy No Mates!
There are  just over 300 Harlow Cycling Group members, it is not run as a Club, we just chat, and go for rides, post up story's and any cycling related news etc, this was where we first started to kick around ideas for a Group Cycling Jersey, no easy thing to do with so many members all wanting something different! I posted a tweet on twitter and Purple Mustard picked up the tweet and made an offer to print a cycling jersey for a review, this was great news apart from no one could decide on a Group Cycle Jersey design!
Tom from Purple Mustard said he could help out on a design, I jumped at this offer as the amount of chat in the cycling group was going crazy !
"Leave it with me" said Tom and he got back to me with a PDF file with a Cycling Jersey Design, and I must say I personally liked it!

Harlow Cycling Group Cycle shirt rear view.
Front View.
Colour and design wise the Cycle Jersey is the same as the PDF which was sent to me vie Email from Tom's department, I am amazed at how they printed the design on to the shirt, material wise the Purple Mustard jersey designed shirt is 100% Polyester made with Performance material that breaths etc, Three rear pockets, Round neck with a 1/4 zip, material is nice and soft to the touch, I asked for a Medium, and must say was surprised when it came in the post as a nice fit, I was a bit worried I ordered the wrong size, but the Medium came up a nice fit for me, not too tight, just right, comfortable for me to wear.

Round neck.

Quarter zip.

Made and printed in the UK.
I asked for @tdf97 to be printed on the sleeve.

Purple Mustard Logo on the other arm.

Harlow Cycling Group printed on the rear of the shirt.

Close up of the Cyclist in print.
3 Rear pockets.

Nice deep design.

Two type of road shirts are available, a Relaxed fit, (Featured Here) and a Race fit, with would be more body hugging, on the MTB Cycle jersey, (Yes, Purple Mustard do a MTB Shirt) you can choose between two types, a Standard, and also a Slim fit, so check to make sure you order the right size and shirt style as these are Custom made Specials!

Purple Mustard also came up with a MTB Shirt for us at the Harlow Cycling Group to take a look at, long sleeve, no rear pockets and a "V" neck, and came in the standard size which just fits me perfectly!
And I "Love it", when I tried this one one it just felt right straightaway I felt as it it was made just for me, the feel and quality is very good, sleeves just the right size, good enough to wear out and about as a everyday top!

MTB Cycle Jersey Long sleeve V Neck.

Same high quality printing on the MTB shirt.

V neck feel and fit perfectly round my neck.

Nice @tdf79 on sleeve.

Purple Mustard Logo.

Rear view,

Looks great.

Its been great working with Tim Bishop, Sophia, and every one involved in the making of theses custom cycling jersey for review, I would like to say a "Thank You" to all, you have done a great job!

Check out the items the people at Purple Mustard can print on, basically anything, you name it they can print it!

I will be adding photos and comment in due course on how well the jersey wear, and come out in the wash, so do look out for any updates.

The Harlow Cycling Groups cycle Jerseys can be viewed at the Lee Valley Cycles shop in The Stow Harlow.

Contact details.





+44 (0) 2920 864 555

Unit 2, Pant Glas Industrial Estate,
CF83 8DR


Come along and see the Harlow Cycling Group shirt for your self on Sunday 1st May at the Pedal for the Js charity ride in Chelmsford City, see the Js Hospice web site for detail 


See you on the day! 


UPDATE 04/05/2016.

 Washing: Do not worry about washing the Plum Mustard cycle jersey, will not fade, run, or shrink!

Update 28/10/2019
Purple Mustard have informed me they will no longer be producing garments due to the present climate and manufacturing costs etc,  orders will still be taking orders until the 1st of DECEMBER 2019.

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  2. It will be good to use the reflective tape to make the clothing.


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