BZ Optics Worlds first Photochromatic Bi-Focal Sports Glasses.

BZ Optics Bi-Focal Cycling Glasses review.

The Worlds First Bi-Focal Sport glasses. 

How the Bi-Focals came to light.

PHO White Photochromic Sport Glasses.

The following is how the BZ Optics describe there range on there website.

The world’s first bi focal photochromic sunglasses, featuring high impact UV activated photochromic lenses which transition from clear (Cat0) in low or no light to dark (Cat2) in full sun. The bi focal magnification which is moulded discretely into the rear of the lens is available in +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 powers. The TR90 super light weight hybrid frame has dual moulded non slip flexible temples ideal for wearing under open or full face helmets. The adjustable non slip nose piece ensures optimum fit and comfort for all face shapes. PHO range is also available with non powered photochromic or blue mirror lenses.


BZ Optics.

Please note this is not the case the BZ Optics arrive in, will arrive in a hard shell case with a cleaning cloth supplied.

Take a look at how the lads at BZ Optics have explained more on how they came about the range of sport glasses here on this link.

Frame options are :
White with blue nose piece, lens clips and dual molded temples.
Graphite with grey nose piece, lens clips and dual molded temples.
Fluoro Yellow with grey nose piece, lens clips and dual molded temples.
While the glasses were originally developed for cycling they are ideal for many other applications and sports.

On review here is a Bi-Focal pair of sport glasses from BZ Optics that I came across at the London Bike Show in February, Scott Birdsall and  Kevin Barr came all the way from Australia to the London Bike Show to exhibit the BZ Optics range, I found them both great to chat to, and they know there range of sport glasses, and a great laugh as well!
The pair of BZ Optics sport glasses they passed me to review was PHO White Photochromic Sport Glasses pair, with a Focal lens of 1.5 placed on the bottom of the lens.

When i was speaking to Scott and Kevin they told me the frame are made from Grilamid TR90® thermoplastic material, now I do know that most sport glasses are made from this material which is extremely flexible, durable, highly resistant to chemicals and UV and lightweight. It makes it the perfect material for high performance eye wear of the BZ Optics range.

 Adjustable non slip nose piece.

Found the nose piece felt great, had no problems with the frames moving on the bridge of my nose.

 Out on a ride on a very cold day, the PHO White Photochromic Sport Glasses felt great to wear, wind was kept away from my eyes, and the Photochromic lens worked great, being clear when I first set off, and then becoming darker as the ride went on, lens are nice and wide as well.

 It took me at least two rides to get used to the fact that I can now read the computer on the bike! 
At first I could not see the benefit of the small bi-focal readers in the base of the lens, as I was still moving my head to read the display with the main lens, but after the second ride out got used to the position and realized I was reading the display much clearer than I have done before!  
I will be taking these out on more rides to test for misting as on the rides I have done, no misting occurred at any time, slight rain seemed to just run off the lens, although I was not (lucky enough) caught in a downpour! 

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