Wind Blox

 My Product review is on the Wind Blox

"What on earth are Wind Blox's"

 Very easy to describe they are a soft shell you attach to the side straps of your cycle helmet to cut down on wind noise!

I had two sets on review, one set is ideal for night time riding as are visible in the dark, and the other set at little more discreet for the day!

The Idea for the Wind Blox came from the USA.

Basically they attach by the Velcro insets, to your cycle helmet straps close to the ear and that is how simple they are to fit, in place they help stop the noise of the wind as you cycle, all very clever stuff. You can still hear any traffic coming closer from behind, and you will also be able to chat to your cycling buddy instead of keep yelling!

Wind Blox

To be honest it has taken me a while to make the Wind Blox work, at first I thought they were a complete utter waste of time! The things just did not work!
I had been trying them on a mountain bike helmet to start with, no success in noise reduction what so ever!
I then got fed up with them, put them away and forgot about them for a while.........
Until a windy day came up on a ride and I thought I would give them another try!
This time I had them fitted to my road cycling helmet, and guess what...
how come...
It was all in the way the straps were on the two different cycling helmets, the road one being in a slightly different place, and a lot more tighter as well, so when the Wind Blox were fitted they sat closer to the ear!

 On the road cycle helmet the straps sit much closer to the ears making a better fit for the Wind Blox

 Nice and snug.

Rear strap needs to be adjusted.

You could alway turn around the Wind Blox

All in the right place....

Out on a ride they worked a treat! I could hear the conversation better than if I was not wearing them!.

Take a look at their Website, they come in different colours, but to be honest would recommend the Black pair! a little more discreet until your friends get used to you wearing them!.

Facebook feed here.

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Instagram account here.

As you can see they have every aspect of the web covered!

Hard to convince you all that the Wind Blox work, but they Do!
It is a hard claim that they stop 80% of wind noise, but the Wind Blox make the ride a lot less noisy!  .

Foot Note This is not a Paid Advertisement for Wind Blox

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