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14/4/2014 4pm Bike fit booked into Stort Valley Cycle Shop

On chatting to other members on the Harlow Cycling Page Group about correct ride posture, I decided to take the plunge and have a professional bike fitting done for my Specalized Allez road bike, I had been hearing good things about Stort Valley Cycles based in Eastwick Lodge, so phoned up the shop and got it booked in.
I arrived at the shop with Bike and shoes in hand, introduced myself to Chris, who gave us a great welcome to his shop, he asked what problems I have been having, and what type of pains I was getting, I explained to him about my Knee problems and also about shoulder and lower back pains on the longer rides.
Chris set up the bike on a Turbo trainer using a sprit level with magazines under the front wheel to make sure it was completely level.
While he was doing this he asked me to put my shoes on to see the correct position for the cleats. He marked the correct position for the balls of my feet so the cleats would sit central. [I didn’t realise they were completely off set and way out], after the adjustment I found it a lot easier to walk in them straight away! The shoes no longer felt uneven, a lot better!
He asked me to get on the bike and watched me ride from front back and side, checking my ride angles……… Conclusion my hips and back were rotating and shifting quite badly!
This was due to several things………
Firstly the height of the saddle this was adjusted down so my legs were at the correct position, and no longer straining to reach lowest point on the rotation.
Next was the upper arm and elbow setting, my arms were far too straight and set in the locked position, [thus my upper body was over extended and straining, making me unable to absorb the impact of uneven roads]……….this was due to the wrongly positioned handle bars, so the handle bars were removed, and the stem was turned upside down, so the angle was pointing up wards, the handle bars were then replaced, and hey presto, my arms were set to the correct angle, and not in the locked position anymore! Chris explained that some Specalized bikes have long Stems on their frames.
Seat settings…..this was adjusted back a bit to compensate for the handle bar adjustment and leveled up using a sprit level, he again explained the correct sitting position.
At every stage Chris explained what he was doing and why, after the adjustments I got back on the bike and my body was in the correct position, my hips were no longer rotating throwing me off balance and my arms were no longer locked, so they would now be able to act as shock absorbers rather than taking the impact on my back and knees, hence my legs were now set at the correct angle when pedalling.
On a quick ride round the block when I got home, it felt like a different bike, first thing I noticed was my hands were not clenched to the handle bars, much more relaxed, and it felt like a good comfortable ride, and now will look forward to a longer ride soon.
Summing up…. well worth doing this, only regret didn’t do this sooner, would have saved a lot of aches and pains, well worth taking the time and having this done.
Stort Valley Cycles…… Excellent Customer Service, very competitive prices and a wealth of Experience mixed with genuine interest in his customers.
Will I go back… bet I will!
So, a Great Thank You to Chris from Stort Valley Cycles.

Update from this fitting, have cycled a 55 Mile ride, and the out come was, not a single bit of pain from my lower back, or shoulders, and the knee was fine, not even a ache the next day!

Also for any of you Ladies out there, who would like to have a Bike Fit done, Chris can arrange for you to have one done by a Lady, so, give Chris a call, it is well worth it! 

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