Ruzer Sports Co2 Inflater Presta and Schrader review.

Ruzer Sport Co2 Inflater Pump Review. 

A company called Ruzer Sport have sent a Co2 pump for a review and a test, so thank you to Ruzer Sport. 

Priced at £14.87 on the Ruzer Sport AmazonUk site.
Amazon UK shop line: Ruzer AmazonUk Shop

Co2 canister not supplied.

The Co2 threaded gas canister are not supplied, but can easily be found in your local bike shop. Or on line. 
You will need to source any 12,16,20 or 25g Co2 cartridges, the larger ones are usually used on the larger wheels like a 29er tyre, they are easy to get hold of, you simply screw the cartridge on to the Ruzer Co2 head, make sure the valve is in the closed position and your using the supplied reusable cartridge insulator, it keeps hands protected while inflating, the cartridge will freeze up on release, and if your fingers are touching the cartridge there could be a frozen hand! So be warned, do not use unless the cover is on the cartridge.. 


Once the cartridge is in place grab your wheel and open the valve to fit the Ruzer Co2 Inflater to the valve, screw the head onto the valve, make sure the valve is open, can be easy to forget to open the valve and once the Co2 gas is released it will go into the atmosphere and be a waist, depending on how quick you need the tyre inflated depends on the position of the valve, I was impressed with the few seconds it took to go from flat to inflated, I can see using the Ruzer Co2 Inflater out on the road will save lots of time fiddling around with the hand pump,  I’m confident it could also shock a tubeless tyre back on the rim if most of the side wall is sealed, I will try to get some more cartridges to experiment with some time in the future, trouble I had on this review was the speed it inflated at, too fast for my camera to catch!.

One warning Ruzer do give out on there website is valve extenders, Do Not Use on them, once you get used to the Ruzer Co2 Inflater you will understand why it’s not safe to do so, simply unscrew your valve, fit the Co2 onto your Presta or Schrader (yes, the Ruzer fits both) and slowly release the air from the cartridge, make sure your taking extra care on inflating any Presta valves with the extra removable core. 

The Ruzer Co2 Inflater is low weight (55g) so you won't think twice about bringing this ride essential along with you out on the club ride. 

My Verdict: 

Pros: Small and compact. fits in your back pocket or saddle bag/saddle strap easy.
Weight 55 Grams 
Fits both types of valves Presta and Schrader (not all Co2 Inflater can)
Comes with a reusable cartridge insulated sleeve.
High quality machine work on the head. 
Price for the Ruzer Co2 Inflater is well below the top names of Inflater.

Cons: Not supplied with a Co2 canister. (If Ruzer supplied a Co2 canister maybe it would cost more)
Would not recommend to have a canister fitted all the time.

I’ll give you all a “Heads Up” on the Ruzer website the cost is £20.00 I found it a lot cheaper on the AmazonUK Ruzer shop, so head there, plus the benefit is the guarantee, if your not happy you can send it, but I’ll bet you will not, like me, I think you will be surprised, very surprised.. 

A Must Have Bit Of Kit, High Quality, and Low Price. 

A Big Big thank you to Ruzer for sending this out to me, hopefully I will not be needing it for a long time, but it will be tucked in the saddle frame strap for when I can help a cyclist in distress. 

If the Quality of other Ruzer Sport Cycling Products are made to the same quality as the Co2 Inflater I can highly recommend the name Ruzer Sport. 

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