Mudhugger Rear Gravelhugger Mudguard Review.

Rear Gravelhugger Mudguard by Mudhugger.

A timely review here on a great addition to your gravel bike from Mudhugger, it’s there latest take on a rear mudguard for your gravelbike, it’s priced at £23 and available from there main website 
Mudhugger has made the Gravelhugger from Polypropylene which is 99% recycled, so that’s good news on the Save The Planet front, 

Some of the available spare from Mudhugger
See website for details.


If you have seen my review on the rear Mudhugger on the 29er Trek bike I have done in the past, you will recognise the shape and design of the Gravelhugger rear mudguard, it’s along the same lines, I found the original one was a great item to help stop that mud pattern up your back and paints!

Mudhugger say the Gravelhugger will fit most bike frame seat stays with angles around 40 to 55 degrees, it will so take the wider tyres becoming popular on the gravel bike up to 55mm

Mudhugger have sent one out to me so I can try and test it out on the gravel bike, so can I just say a "Big Thank you" to Mudhugger  because I know this will come in so handy when the trails start to get more muddier as the dark nights draw in... 

Conventional mudguards on bikes usually have the stainless steel rods which connect the guard to the bike frame, with clips, clamps or bolts, so can be a bit fiddly, this is where the GH comes into its own, in the box you will find some Helitape, this is to place on the frame where the GH will be sitting, so you will need to “Measure once, Cut Once" with the Helitape, MH have a video on their site to show you the basics, but I feel as all bike are different it will need a different parochial depending on your bike, but is along the same lines as the MH installation video, 
The way I did it was as follows, .. 
I offered up the MH to the rear seat stay just to check out the height and angle, then I stuck two strips of masking tape on the seat stay one both side, this then let me reposition the GH and mark where to fit the Helitape, 

On doing the review I thought I had taken photos of the rear mudguard, but on searching my photo’s it would appear not, so I must apologise for the lack of "Out the box photos " I must try harder!

                      Masking tape temporarily stuck in place to get the right position for the Helitape.

                                                             GH offers up to check the position.

I found reusable tie wraps, and I temporarily used them to see how the GH would sit on the seat stay.
             Once in place and happy I then stuck the masking tape on so I could mark the position for the Helitape.

GH can sit as low or high as you want. 

With the Helitape stuck in the right position, I simply attached the GH with the Velcro straps, I prefer to use the straps simply because I can remove the GH easier, it’s still possible with Tie wraps to remove the GH as and when needed. 

          Helitape fixed in right place. 

Adjustable Velcro straps, ideal if you want to remove the GH.. 

The Velcro straps hold the GH to the seat stay very well.

GH fits well around the frame, you could have the GH as close as you wish. 

My first thought when standing back and looking at the GH on the Gravel bike is the angle is too high towards the rear, and will get in the way of the rear light if riding on the road. 

I made a very quick video out on a ride at Rundell’s Woods in Harlow, take a quick look, it’s not a great video I admit, but it was one I was surprised about.. 

GH rear view, it is possible to keep it on the bike whilst on the ride out on the road.
You could trim up the GH on the length if you find it is too long, or even not keen on the length, but remember to Measure Twice, Cut Once!

My Verdict.

Well worth having on your GB, once winter is here you will be wishing you had one. 
Easy to fit.
See the Gravelhugger website for ordering. 

-Helitape supplied to protect inside of forks where the GravelHugger could scratch the paint.
-Suitable for 700c and 650b wheels Max tire width 50mm (depending on wheel/tyre combination).
-Weight 75g. Length 520mm width 60mm
-Designed, made, and packed in the UK from 100% recycled polypropylene which can be recycled again.

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Update 08/09/2020

Just a quick update to try to impress you all on just how good the Gravelhugger is, on a ride to Epping Forest where the trails were muddy due to the rain we have had lately, so this was a perfect time to take the Gravelhugger for a real muddy test. 

The photos above was taken on today’s ride, as you can see there was plenty of mud flying around, must track and plenty of wet and damp ground, but the condition of the bike was very good considering all the rough stuff I had ridden through, look at my shoes, socks and shoes, not much mud has got on my feet and legs, in fact when I got home I was able to walk in still wearing my cycling socks and shorts! A first, normally I’m told to clean up before I’m aloud back in the house, thank you Gravelhugger for making my life a lot easier.. 


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