BTR Direct Mobile phone bike bag with rain cover review

BTR Direct Bike Bag Phone Holder Review with Rain Cover.

 New from the BTR Direct team is a updated version of one of BTR's best selling bag's, the phone holder bike bag.

What does it do: It is very  handy bag that fits securely on the top bar of any bike with 3 velcro strap's and also has a  quick release toggle around the handlebar stem. The size is good, easily being enough for a few nibbles or puncture kit and more. It comes with a waterproof cover and an extender cable for headphones. 

Where to buy: 



BTR Direct: 

Price from £11.99 to £14.99 so will pay to shop around as it is a bag well worth having on a ride. 

No thrills packaging.

Delivery was right on time.

Fresh out the plastic bag, and the BTR Bike bag looks fresh.

Added detail of the BTR logo on the first class zip opener.

On inspection found there to be now 3 straps added to the bike bag, still with the strap and velcro.

On the head of the bike bag BTR have added a extra elastic fixing strap.

Unzip the zip to reveal a set of leads and two extra clasps fitted.

Head phone extension lead.

Elasticated strap and a flap will hold your mobile in place firmly in the top cover.

Elasticated inner buckle.

Internal key ring holder.
SPECIALIZED ALLEZ: Fitting was straight forward.
The Mobile phone holder bag sits on the top bar.

Specalized road bike.

Fitting is simple and straight forward, place it on the top bar. use the three straps and secure.

Make sure the straps do not hinder the brake cables.

Fitting the straps in place with the Velcro.

Front strap is a long one, handy for fitting to other bike frames, I found it a bit to long for the road bike top rail but managed to secure it to the front fitting strap.

On fitting just have to secure the Velcro to the front strap, or even leave it not in use, I prefer to use the strap as it makes the bag more secure.

Front strap a bit on the long side for some bike frames.

Only trouble was with the front strap, was too long for the Allez frame, I had to tie the strap to the front strap with the Velcro.

Elasticated toggle strap.

Rear exit hole for the headphone extension cable.

Waterproof cover.

Velcro strap holds the waterproof cover in place.
RIBBLE FULL CARBON ROAD BIKE: The Ribble has a more flatter top bar so the BTR Bike bag fitted very well, hardly moved on the ride.
Tested on a Ribble Carbon road bike.

No real problems with the BTR Bike bag om the Ribble.

Out on a ride on both bike found the bag to move now and again, not enough to get in the way of your legs as you pedal, the front extra strap helps keep the BTR tight on the frame.

Trek 29er Hardtail: The 29er frame is ideal for the BTR bike bag, it fit's on the top tube perfectly, use the three straps and it is held in place so it hardly moves on a ride out.

Note the way the straps tuck under the cables, the reason the front strap is so long is simply so it can be fitted to this type of frame.
My Verdict: BTR Direct have made great improvements on a great product, I had no problems with there old version of this bike bag, but compare the new with the old and you see just how good the new bag is, great for the energy bars, money, spare tools etc for your ride out, quick easy on off fitting and with a waterproof cover as well.

10 out of 10.. Top marks.

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