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Serfas mini cycle pump Review.

I have on review a Mini hand pump, which comes all the way from Phoenix Arizona USA.

What is a mini hand pump you say?
Well it's a VERY small bike pump, which is in fact small enough to fit in your back pocket, cycle pouch and even your back pack.
Although it is small it will need to have the capability to pump your tyres up to a precise poundage,
depending on the bike you ride and the size of  your tyres. the pressure could range from 25/35 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) to 60/100 PSI.

I managed to get my hands on a Mini Pump that retails at around £19:99  from your LBS, (Local Bike Shop) and for this money I would expect it to pump my tyres up to around 100 PSI for my road bike, and 30 PSI for my mountain bike, in as few a pumps as possible...... After all I am not quite as young as I use to be !!!!!!!

What's in the box:
No box! Just a card with the details of the Serfas Switch Stick on front and rear, and of course the pump, along with a mounting bracket and a Velcro strap attachment.
Two 4mm fitting studs attached the pump to the card, [ DON'T throw theses away just in case you need them to fit the mount to your frame]. Great idea Serfas.

Dimensions: Technical Details
Weight: 124 grams
Hi pressure setting for easy pumping
Hi Volume setting for fast inflation.
Presta and Schrader tubes can be pumped up.

Pumping instructions are just the same as any other hand pump
The Serfas Switch Stick fits both valve types, so simply select the hole to fit the valve.

It really is as easy as they say.
I found the Switch Stick was comfortable fitted to the valve and comfortable enough to pump!

 Size when closed  6 inches. 
Size when open 8 1/4

FITTING: Found the Serfas mounting bracket no harder to fit than any other on the market, it held the Switch Stick firmly in place on a road bike frame. 

Road Bike Fitting.

Mountain bike fitting.

Dust Cover

Dust cover to keep the dust and mud out the valve holes, fits nice and tight, with a small strap attached to the head of the pump so you do not lose it.

Large hole for the Schrader valve small hole for the Presta valve.
The dust cover fits well and will keep out dust and mud from the holes.

 Strong lever.

Mounting bracket with Velcro strap.

 Hi Pressure setting. 

Hi Volume setting .

Road tyres.

Mountain bike tyres.

How many times do you go for a ride and have to keep checking the bike pump mounting to see if you have lost the pump some where on the trail ride, well the Serfas Switch Stick comes with a brilliant mount simple but so effective at how it holds the Switch Stick to the mount, take a look at the video here for a quick look at a test I did for you all...

CONCLUSION:  Found the Serfas Switch Stick to be a really handy little Mini pump, handled everything I put it through, the road bike tyres were a little  harder to pump up, but I managed to get them up to a decent poundage to continue a ride.
Mountain bike tyres were a lot easier to pump up.
Great size to carry in a cycle jersey pocket, ideal for those who want to cut down on weight, but handy enough to get you out of trouble.

Take a look at the SerfasUK website for more cycling products.

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